Throughout the inevitable process of aging, our bodies contract as we lose height, strength, and flexibility. Stiffening is one of the first perceptible signs of premature aging, followed by a natural atrophy of the venous supply to the disks of the spine. How can we reverse this sad trend of deterioration? Any doctor will tell you that staying physically fit is critical, since movement lubricates the muscles, ligaments, and joints. According to yoga philosophy, it is the flexibility of the spine, not the number of years, that determines a person's age. Unlike high-impact exercises that put stress on the body, yoga stretches the spine, encouraging fresh blood and nerve flow to revitalize all the major glands and organs while lowering the stress hormones that age us.

When accomplished yoga practitioner Argie Tang was diagnosed with osteopenia, she began to seek out yoga routines that would add more toning, strengthening, and muscle definition without requiring machines in a gym. Tang teamed up with Prisca Boris to develop Pulse Yoga, a unique twist on traditional yoga workouts. Incorporating yoga flow, core fusion, weight training, and Pilates, Pulse Yoga is a challenging mix of disciplines that maximizes anti-aging results.

Pulse Yoga uses free weights and micro-movements, which primarily target the gluteus muscles, abdominals, upper arms, and lower back, delivering an intense full-body workout. Dr. Paul Arciero, Head of Exercise Physiology at Skidmore College, conducted an eight-week study with volunteers who practiced Pulse Yoga three times a week for up to 75 minutes a day. The results of the study showed decreased body weight, hip/waist circumference, and cholesterol among participants, proving that this fitness concept provides significant health benefits.

Pulse Yoga is perfect for anyone hoping to increase strength and improve overall bone density while getting a full cardiovascular workout. Only have half an hour? You can pack plenty of "Pulse" in that time. Leave a comment under this post telling us why you need to boost your fitness level. One lucky reader will get a Pulse Yoga Express DVD, featuring a condensed routine that addresses every major workout need. We will select the winner next Monday- Labor Day- in celebration of your hard-working efforts to stay healthy.