If you’re in Calgary, you should probably stop off at the Pure Creations Spa. Pure Creations offers natural cosmetics that can do a little more than Rocky Mountain can. Rocky Mountain offers the basic essentials, but Pure Creations has items like face creams and anti-aging creams.

The Good:

Pure Creations follow guidelines set out by CERTECH, a privately owned Canadian organization that certifies products as organic. Founder Maria Cheta says all of her products are made of 95% natural ingredients, with at least 50% being certified organics.  Unfortunately I couldn't find their products online but a few stores in Calgary offer them and you can attend their spa where you can learn more.

The Bad:

Pure Creations is limited to Canada which is a bit unfortunate, also it’s hard to find their products online. It seems as though they’re a spa first and cosmetics producer second, also Pure Creations doesn’t have completely natural formulas.

The Truth:

The company is limited to Canada and has an ingredient list that isn’t exactly out in the open.