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Pure Glam Inspire Body Wash Review

is a Solution for:
Dry Skin
pure glam inspire body wash
September 30, 2015 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
TRU Rating
A gentle organic cleanser that doesn't dry out skin


Doesn't strip skin, environmentally friendly


Unpleasant smell

by Ann Pickett

Pure Glam Inspire Body Wash ($25) promised this working mother a lot, including washing away stress and bringing energy to my day. Perhaps those goals were a bit lofty, or maybe it was to work in conjunction with taking the time to bathe. While I did not observe either of those changes during my trial of this product, I did have clean and healthy skin with no ill effects.

As an active 42-year-old woman living in the southeast, summer is the perfect time of year to try out a new body wash. My skin type is fair and normal, although as I age, I see it slipping into a drier state. The product promised to clean without stripping away oils so I refrained from using any body lotions other than the occasional sunscreen to verify the claims of leaving body oils intact. My skin did not dry out using this product, so I agree with this statement. Given that I spend a lot of time in the elements and in swimming pools with chlorine; I believe this product’s claim of leaving your skin soft is true.

The body wash's second ingredient is aloe vera leaf juice, which is said to boost collagen production and likely helped my skin retain moisture in the absence of using lotion. In addition to aloe, the product contains an assortment of botanical oils and extracts.

I generally find organic body washes and gels to be on the less productive side when it comes to bubbles and lather. This product remained true to those prior experiences, but to a lesser extent than most organic soaps. I also tend to think that is because organic soaps are leaving out something that unnaturally produces big lather, so I also believe the reduced saponification supports the organic status of the product. When using this product, I trusted I was using something better for me (and the environment) than a bottle of body wash from the drug store. 

My single complaint about this product was that it smelled a little too healthy, like the vitamin aisle at the health food store. With every use, I would try to pinpoint what exactly I did not find favorable about the smell, and the best I can tell, it smells a little like a vitamin C packet. Not terribly offensive, but also not what I expect in a body wash.

I would recommend this body wash, especially if you are looking for an organic product.

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