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Quasar Clear Rayz- reviewed and recommended


Easy to use, portable device


High price tag
May 15, 2013 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 1 Comment
Recommended for effectively reducing acne breakouts

I am guilty of using beauty products with nasties, and I was determined to turn it around as I started researching and learning more about ingredients in skincare products. I admit I was using ProActiv to treat acne for years. After reading Marta’s article, I had to stop. However, within days of throwing away ProActiv, my face began breaking out. What better timing for me to try the new Quasar Clear Rayz Red and Blue Light Therapy for acne ($249).

The light technology used in this hand-held device is the same as what you’d find at a dermatologist’s office. It was created by the same team of scientists, engineers and designers of the Baby Quasar line. It’s safe (and has been cleared by the FDA), there are no side effects and it’s really easy to use. The Clear Rayz system is a small (fits in your palm), two-sided device that you plug into the wall; it’s equipped with a red LED on one side and a blue LED on the other.

I’m a newbie to LEDs, so my first question was, “What’s the difference between red and blue?” What I learned is both lights activate naturally occurring chemicals that fight the bacteria that cause acne. The red light is slightly different because it penetrates deeper to fight the inflammation that we’re all too familiar with when we have a breakout.

When using the Clear Rayz system, all you do is push the button for the light that you want and hold it up to your face (touching your skin). With the red light, use for 7.5 minutes per section on your face; for the blue light, it’s five minutes. Don’t worry, you won’t need a timer; a tone will sound indicating it’s time to change areas. The recommended usage is three to five times per week.

When you get started, make sure to remove all of your makeup, leaving your face clean and dry (when I stopped using ProActiv, I started using Arcona White Tea Purifying Cleanser – love it!). With the Clear Rayz system, I was covering my T-zone only (four days a week at the start), and in the privacy of my home, it’s the perfect time to surf around the Truth In Aging site or watch TV.

Did I see results? Yes! Before testing, I had acne (redness and five to six pimples) around my nose and on my forehead. In the first week of using the Clear Rayz on these two problem areas, the redness went away and the bumps started to get smaller. By the second week, there was no more redness and my pimples were so small that you could hardly notice them – unless you were looking very closely at my face. After a month of using it, I’ve scaled back to two to three days a week, and I am still getting great results. 

  • March 1, 2015

    by Maria

    i just bought the clear rays and it says it can only be used once a week on red side and once on blue side. You wrote you scaled back to 2 or 3 times a week. I didn't realize you could use it so often?

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