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Radio frequency therapy eliminates sagging jawlines

Reviewed by Marta August 6, 2013 30 Comments
When we interviewed Ildi Pekar a few months ago, she told us that treatments using radio frequencies would be the next big thing. And being the self-confessed machine junkie that she is, she recently came back from Europe with one of the latest models to add to her collection of microcurrent machines for face and body. Being something of a sucker for all this stuff, I was excited to try it out.

Radio Frequency Therapy: Who Should Try It?

"You are not a very good candidate for this", Ildi said half way through treating my jawline and neck. She was obviously disappointed. What she meant was the I already have a jawline and I don't have a double chin and that the effect would be subtle. Apparently, people with sagging jaws and wrinkled necks see really dramatic results. Actually, I was fairly impressed with my results after all.

I was even more impressed the following morning. My jawline was definitely even more pronounced and pinching at the skin on my neck I found it to be really taut. There was no kind of redness afterward (although that can be a common side effect).

Radio Frequency Therapy: How Does It Work

Radio frequency treatments work by generating heat. The treatment produces localized heat injury of the dermis and subdermal layer as well as the collagen contraction leading to skin tightening. There are at home devices such as Stop that are effective - but don't expect salon results.
  • July 21, 2016

    by Marta

    Hi Michelle, I have tried Dermawand and you can read my review here:

  • July 21, 2016

    by Michelle

    Has anyone tried this "Derma Wand" that I keep seeing ads for everywhere? Does it really work? How long before you saw any results?

  • December 10, 2015

    by beth

    Has anyone done enough research on these machines to recommend a particular one or at least the strength that should be used? I've google searched and there are SO many options to choose from!

  • October 20, 2015

    by lora

    Hi...I just want to put a good word in for home RF. I actually have one older machine withe the classic bulb tip and a newer blended multi-function RF/microcurrent machine (not true microcurrent but I'm on a budget). If you don't over use these machines and follow the instructions, they are safe and they are HOME use so yes they are weaker but still effective. Ive also read a lot on RF and after much research have learned that results from RF are usually from more of a cumulative type use of at least 3 months or you can't rally just have one treatment and say it doesn't work. Also it is supposed to be very complimentary to the other modalities of ultrasound or MC.....and I have good results alternating all of the machines. I'm 56 with no lines, wrinkles or sagging and have been using these types of machines since my 30s.

  • June 19, 2014

    by maria

    I wish I had read Rita's email before I had an "IPL" done, which turned out to be RF without my knowledge! The loss of fat around the eyes and sides of my face is exactly what happened. The MD, who was clueless and I should've run as fast as i could from her, wasn't paying attention and she kept going until i had to tell her to stop because it was too hot for me to take anymore! Exactly one month after i saw the very noticeable changes and now i've even got saggin, enlarged pores, and dryness and it's so hard to get over! I have just 4 mos left before I cannot take her to court anymore and i so hate to focus on this but I feel like i should just do it and get it out of my system. I'm so angry -- I feel like she's even changed the course of my life. I had beautiful skin before; always got compliments! I've taken the best care of my skin all of my life and now this and it's been almost 2 years and I can't seem to shake the anger and disappointment and sadness. I have to let it go I know. Beware if you're going in for RF. Make sure y ou get someone who knows what he's doing. If there are any comments about HELP for the fat loss I'd be very happy to hear them, although I don't have much hope for restoring it. I'm trying dermarolling but cannot use that around my eyes!

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