Reviewed by Denise

Best Face Cream ever! I was pleasantly surprised to open my jar of Raisin Face Skin Fix Concentrate ($20). The consistency was smooth and creamy and I couldn’t wait to challenge this face cream. When it comes to face creams, I am a skeptical woman. I look for a face cream that works yet, at the same time, doesn’t drain my bank account. Well, this is the cream I have been waiting for. I only wished I had taken a “before” photo.

My skin is combination, and while it's in good shape it has been subject to 56 years of stress, weather and wear and tear. I wanted to find a cream that was affordable yet made a noticeable improvement in my appearance. After using this cream for about a week or so, I looked in the mirror before moisturizing for the night and I did a double take. Hey, where did those wrinkles go? My forehead lines, my deep-set lines between my brows, and my crow’s feet were all noticeably diminished.

I was elated! This cream seems to have natural ingredients, some of which are aloe, emu oil, shea butter and jojoba oil. It also has anti-agers Matrixyl 3000 and Dermaxyl. These help reduce wrinkles, stimulate collagen and retain moisture. Well, they definitely do the job and do not irritate the skin. At one point, I was at my desk and leaned my cheek onto my hand when I realized... my face felt dewy! My face is never dewy!

This is a face cream that I will always have on hand and always reorder! It lasts a long time and it is quite affordable. I found that it does the job better than many more expensive creams that I have tried. All I can say is buy it! If you go on vacation, there is no need to take your whole moisturizing regimen with you. Grab this jar, pack light and have a great time!

Ingredients: Organic aloe vera juice, Emu Oil, Deionized water, Dermaxyl, Matrixyl 3000, Glyceryl stearate/PEG-100 stearate , Cetearyl alcohol/ceteareth-20, Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Green Tea Extract, Jojoba Oil, Castor oil, Benzylalcohol, Xanthan gum.