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Reader reviewed and rejected: Avon Anew Clinical Expression Line Filler

Is a Solution for:
Sagging Skin
November 4, 2008 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 1 Comment
Reviewed by Kate

I have relatively youthful looking skin for a 50-year-old and, indeed, the ol' epidermis is actually in far better condition than it should be, considering the degree to which it was baked, frozen, wind-burned, neglected and under appreciated for the first 49 years. If it wasn't being baked by the 110 degree Arizona sun (completely devoid of sun screen or hat), it was being flash frozen on a ski hill somewhere in the Rocky Mountains....sans moisturizers. Who needs creamy facial cleanser, when you have Zest deodorant soap, already on hand?

And did I remember to mention that up until last year (long story for another time) I had also been quite frugal (read: a complete cheapskate) when it came to expenditures on topical beauty potions which might have held potential for slowing down the ravages of time and/or even repairing some of the environmental damage? The only things that could possible account for having avoided the total buffalo hide look during those first 49 years of complete neglect are good genes, lots of exercise, and an inexplicable life-long craving for wholesome foods.

But now the point of this review and posting. Last year I adopted the mantra of "it is never too late to take care of your skin", and I am now keenly interested/intrigued by any "legal, safe and natural" potions which target themselves as champions for reversing the effects of years of neglect. So when a pop-up ad on my Internet provider announced that Avon had created an "expression line filler" that was down right affordable, easy to use, reported to provide nearly immediate results, and which boasted an ingredient list chock full of natural ingredients, I was motivated enough to Google the product..... and I read one glowing review after glowing review with growing excitement.

Indeed,  I couldn't buy my 30-day supply fast enough.  Yes sir, no expensive and risky botox injections or face fillers for me.... I was going to reverse the aging process in a more "natural" and certainly more affordable way, starting with my "expression lines", and Avon Expression Line Filler Exclusive Corrective Complex was my road to recovery.

I couldn't wait for my Line Filler to arrive, and I was so optimistic about the changes I could expect, that I was almost giddy with anticipation each time I checked the mail box. At last it arrived. Each morning and evening for nearly a month,  I faithfully and carefully applied the "line filler" to the cracks in my crows feet and to the howdy-doody-like "nasolabial folds" on either side of my mouth. And each morning upon awakening, I ran to the mirror to check the progress of line shrinkage, plumping, and the overall reduction of "expression lines"... just like the Avon advertisements suggested I could expect.

My results?  Zero. Nada. Zilch. How that could be, after reading so many glowing reviews, is something I still can't understand, but for me the line filler was COMPLETELY ineffective. I may as well have applied water, because once the product dried, the line filler and the results were invisible to the naked eye. All in all, the Line Filler experiment was a big disappointment.  In retrospect I suppose I should have been skeptical, especially after re-reading the ingredients list, which I have listed below. Nothing here that makes my list of break through technology, and while the "line filler applicator" was different, it certainly didn't do anything "different" to my expression lines. The only saving grace regarding this purchase was that it was inexpensive, it didn't cause any unexpected results like peeling or inflammation, and it was conveniently delivered right to my doorstep. Perhaps it will work better for someone else, but for this reader, Avon Expressions Line Filler was a BUST.

Ingredients according to the Avon website: "The natural extracts that relax and smooth out the appearance of lines include pomegranate , alfalfa, carrot root, fennel fruit and olive leaf.  It also contains proteins, other fruit extracts, sunflower seed extract and peptides for firming benefits".
  • February 27, 2017

    by Noemi

    Honestly, I've used it and it does work. There are different products according to age. My mom used a different one. I was 22 when I first used this.

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