Posted by Briana

My experience with Kanebo has been very depressing.  I was really quite excited to obtain a jar of eye cream when I realized how expensive it was.  I immediately tried it.  That was nearly a year ago and I still have most of it left.  It starts off with very normal ingredients, glycerin, water, mineral oil...and really nothing that special.  The silkworm part sounds wonderful and the algae gig is getting old.

The eye cream is like mixing corn syrup with petroleum jelly.  I got a taste of it and it's sugary sweet and very sticky.  It doesn't really absorb, it just exists as an oil slick over the dark circles under my eyes. I found no visible change and no noticeable change other than it being the first eye cream I actually must wash off after applying.

I read the review and got the Kanebo out to try it all over again, convinced that I must have missed something.  Well, here I sit again, with sweet, sticky oil slicks under my eyes.