Reviewed by Laura

I would like to introduce myself as a tanning fanatic. As an adolescent, I was obsessed with lying in the sun and frequented the local tanning salon more often than I would like to admit. As I have gotten older, I’ve realized that this degree of sun exposure can not be healthy and the dermatologists might actually be on to something with the whole skin cancer thing. I now realize that I need to find alternative ways to liven up my skin color without the use of the sun. I’ve tried numerous brands of self-tanners over the years and have never been 100% pleased with the results.

I have used Aviva Organics Sun-Free Skin Glow products and have to say that I am pleased with them so far. The first thing that I noticed was the pleasant citrus smell that hinted at the organic nature of these products. As a vegetarian and friend of the environment, I was happy to see that the ingredients were organic. This made the product much more appealing to me. I eagerly used the body polish in the shower and had only a minor complaint; it could have used a more gritty texture, altough it did seem to exfoliate fairly well.

After drying off, I applied both the face crème and the body crème. Both of these products shared the citrus scent of the body polish and were surprisingly light. I have combination skin, and the face crème seemed to moisturize the dry parts of my face without being too heavy on my t-zone. The body crème was similar in consistency and moisturized my skin well without feeling thick or greasy.

After using the products for 7 days, I can see a noticeable difference in my skin color. My skin has a healthy bronze glow, without looking orange. I typically turn more brown than bronze in the natural sun, but this was a nice change. I was also surprised to see that there were no streaks from the lotion. I highly recommend the face crème as well as the body crème. The body polish was fine, but I have used better. Overall, Aviva’s Sun-Free Skin Glow line works very well and has the added bonus of being organic.