Reviewed by Dana

I was selected to review three products by Epionce: Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Lytic and Renewal Facial Lotion. It was suggested (I think by Claire) that these three products would be great for dry cold weather and since I would be spending the holidays in the frozen tundra of Milwaukee, I was selected to give these products a go.

First, the packaging was nice—squeeze tubes with small holes to distribute the product. I appreciated this because I hate the idea of a “tub” of product where I am putting my finger in each day, or worse, several times a day. Not to mention the cream is exposed to air each time I open the jar. I also liked that you can control the amount a product coming out better with the small nozzle opening vs. wasting product. All three products smelled great, kind of a clean, sweet scent.

I used the Gentle Foaming Cleanser first to take off a day's worth of make-up. Yes, I had not yet left for Milwaukee, but I could not wait to try out the new products. My face felt clean, but almost too clean. Ya know, to the point of squeaking clean (think Clinique bar soap). I wasn’t sure this product would be able to hold up to the tough Wisconsin winter and keep my skin soft and moisturized and it didn’t. My face started to have a very tight dry feel and flaking. All the lines were much more pronounced on my face.

Even following up with the Renewal Facial Lotion didn’t help. It just plain was not moisturizing enough. It felt thin, like it was made for oily skin and not normal to combination as the package said. I would maybe use the Renewal Facial Lotion in the hot Texas summers when I need a lighter moisturizer but defiantly not for a dry bitter cold day.

What I did like was the Lytic. I know Claire did a review on the Epionce Purifying Lytic Toner and didn’t like the product from the package to the menthol smell. Not sure if these two products have the same ingredients but I found the Lytic helped to keep my sensitive skin from breaking out and the few blemishes (I get cystic acne) I did have went away quicker then usual. This product also has a matte finish that seemed to help my makeup set. This would be the one product of the three I tried that I would buy myself. The other two: I was just not impressed.