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Reader Review: Epionce Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Lytic and Renewal Facial Lotion

Is a Solution for:
Dull Skin, Oily Skin
January 21, 2009 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 4 Comments
Reviewed by Dana

I was selected to review three products by Epionce: Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Lytic and Renewal Facial Lotion. It was suggested (I think by Claire) that these three products would be great for dry cold weather and since I would be spending the holidays in the frozen tundra of Milwaukee, I was selected to give these products a go.

First, the packaging was nice—squeeze tubes with small holes to distribute the product. I appreciated this because I hate the idea of a “tub” of product where I am putting my finger in each day, or worse, several times a day. Not to mention the cream is exposed to air each time I open the jar. I also liked that you can control the amount a product coming out better with the small nozzle opening vs. wasting product. All three products smelled great, kind of a clean, sweet scent.

I used the Gentle Foaming Cleanser first to take off a day's worth of make-up. Yes, I had not yet left for Milwaukee, but I could not wait to try out the new products. My face felt clean, but almost too clean. Ya know, to the point of squeaking clean (think Clinique bar soap). I wasn’t sure this product would be able to hold up to the tough Wisconsin winter and keep my skin soft and moisturized and it didn’t. My face started to have a very tight dry feel and flaking. All the lines were much more pronounced on my face.

Even following up with the Renewal Facial Lotion didn’t help. It just plain was not moisturizing enough. It felt thin, like it was made for oily skin and not normal to combination as the package said. I would maybe use the Renewal Facial Lotion in the hot Texas summers when I need a lighter moisturizer but defiantly not for a dry bitter cold day.

What I did like was the Lytic. I know Claire did a review on the Epionce Purifying Lytic Toner and didn’t like the product from the package to the menthol smell. Not sure if these two products have the same ingredients but I found the Lytic helped to keep my sensitive skin from breaking out and the few blemishes (I get cystic acne) I did have went away quicker then usual. This product also has a matte finish that seemed to help my makeup set. This would be the one product of the three I tried that I would buy myself. The other two: I was just not impressed.
  • June 29, 2010

    by Nancy

    Thanks for your very specific review. I am just trying the Epionce line. I did get it from a facial surgery doctor's office. They do have specific ways to use their products. So far, I do like it. I am also using the Obagi tretenoin cream with it at night.

  • December 7, 2009

    by lnc04

    hi all,
    just wanted to post a few words about the epionce line. i read someone elses post ( a fellow estetician) and she brought up a very good point. this line is typically only sold in dr.s offices or med spas. the reason for this is because this company has a strict education regime for the offices selling it so as to recommend the correct product per the individuals needs. it is highly recomended to purchase the line from a doc or medspa office so they can educate and provide the correct product to the client.
    with that said, this is actually one of the best lines out there (in my opinion). if used correctly it can help a bevy of issues. case in point, as an licensed cosmetologist i have tried too many lines to count. i have always had good skin, not sensitive and no acne except an occasional pimple around my monthly.
    approx. 6 yrs ago i went from being perfectly healthy, i worked out almost every day and always eat healthy. i then found myself slammed into a completely different world. i had to undergo 2 very major reconstructive surgeries on my lower spine. before, during and after i was put on so many meds to control inflamation, nerve damage, pain, vomiting and then more meds to control the side effects from those meds. long story short the toll that everything took on my body has been awful. it effected everything and severly depleted my immune system. it also had a profound effect on my skin. it was always inflamed, red, irritated and for the 1st time i had wrinkles. going from 0 to 10 in a very short time was difficult.
    i started trying everything i could get my hands on. went to med spas trying all of the newest technology and nothing really made much difference... until i was introduced to epionce.
    it had a drastic effect on the inflammation and w/in a couple of months i started to notice things improving. lines starteds fading, brown patches going and just the overal texture returning to normal.
    i guess the best way to explain this line is that the lytic lotions are similar to the alpha-beta hydroxys this is why they help so much w/acne. they also are anti-inflammatory. you can get lyte,regular and plus. the lytic cleansers and toners have many of the same primary ingredients but used alone don't do much. infact my derm doesn't even sell the toners. i like the toners for use on my oilier areas. iknow the lytic toner is blue and has menthol which i too find annoying, but if you are worried about acne or oil using it on those areas helps the whole process along.
    the renewal lotions are more like antioxidents, they too are anti-inflammatory and have a mild hydroxy effect. they are loaded w/ lots of goodies and they also come in lyte, regular and intensive. used in conjunctionw/ the lytic they make quite a team to control many concerns.
    there is the barrier cream which is great to use after any sort of microderm, laser or stong peel since it restores the acid mantel of our skin, also anti-inflammatory.
    they also have a enriched firming mask, which is very soothing, hydrating and firming. and eye creams that don't just sit ontop of the skin but really penetrate and a body cream.
    the only thing i would say regarding the use of these products is i have found it best to use them at night. i apply the lytic wait 30 min or so the apply the renewal on top. the reason for this is because i can't apply make-up ontop of this product they don't mix well and i like more of a matte look. also in the beginning the lytic can be drying, just like any hydroxy or glycolic, so i would start out slow. i use the regular lytic on my face and chest and if needed use the lytic plus on my nose and chin. i don't use the lytic lotion on my neck since the skin there like our eyes doesn't produce oil like our faces do. any other of the lines products work just fine there.
    finally i wouldn't do too many aggresive type treatments while starting this line as you can over do it, just like w/ anything else. however i love to use the lytic for several nights in a row, to get all of the dead skin off to prep it for use w/a great firming or anti aging product in the a.m. and on the off epionce days. i'm one who has to switch things up some w/my products.
    sorry for the novel here, just thought if anyone is considering the use of this product that it is a great line, just get it from a good educated source that really knows the line well. and with most products things take some time to show you what they can do.
    good luck to all and happy holidays.....lisa

  • March 23, 2009

    by Beth

    Claire - what are the better lines out there
    you commented on?

  • January 22, 2009

    by claire

    Thanks for the post, Dana. Like you, my feelings about Epionce range from "mehh, it's alright" to "forget about it." There just seems to be better lines out there.

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