Posted by Ash

Well, my single biggest issue, alright, one of my many issues, is my skin under the eyes. I am thirty-something and have not used any specific treatment for my dark rings except cucumber peels.

So when I was graciously offered the opportunity to review a bottle of IQ Derma RestorEyes from Marta, I jumped.  The customer reviews on the IQ site have been quite enthusiastic.  Seems that all clinical research on RestorEyes was done in-house. For a background on the ingredients (as I am no expert) see the earlier Truth In Aging post. Meanwhile, IQ makes some big claims:

* reduce dark circles up to 50% with continued use
* instantly lightens dark circles
* provides instant and lasting wrinkle softening
* moisturizes and firms the skin while reducing appearance of fine wrinkles

Ok, lets get on with the review. The product comes in a very nice container that's easy to use and well built ( I dropped mine on the marble floor! Luckily no issues). You have to dab the product below the eyes until the skin soaks it in. No rubbing or massaging. Apply it twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. The creme felt a little thick, but when applied it absorbed quickly into the skin. There was no tacky feeling. just silky smooth. This product definitely moisturizes on contact.

However, after three weeks of using RestorEyes, I came away with mixed feelings.  It did make the area around my eyes seem more toned, it did moisturize and diminish the puffiness over time. I did not have many wrinkles to talk about, but the few fine lines seemed to have improved. The dark circles remain. Improved, yes, but only marginally over the three weeks. Maybe more time using RestorEyes will prove better results. And that's the key here, "over time". There were no instant results as I have read others claim.

While I like what RestorEyes has done for me so far, at $89 a pop, its not the miracle that all the hype had built it to be. I might change my tune once the bottle is finished. As of now, I am open to trying the competition.