Posted by Stan

I received my free test jar of M LAB Anti-Aging Treatment Cream just over three weeks ago. I had been using Cellbone Super AOX and, after two weeks, I felt like it had brought my skin out of a slump. At first, I was afraid to try anything else since I did not want any setbacks to occur. Before using Super AOX, I only used Zirh Correct, which was just OK. Previously, in my younger skin days, I only used general moisturizers like Avalon Organics. I now see that these face creams really are better and not all hype. Since I was running out of my magical lotion, I thought I'd try this M LAB so graciously provided.

As mentioned earlier, it contains a multitude of ingredients although none of them in significant concentrations, but a balanced synergistic formula, I suppose. I must admit that I am drawn to products containing more high tech sounding names, like Matrixyl 3000, in high concentrations to supposedly rebuild collagen. I had recently become a stickler for ingredients after reading the Truth In Aging blog.

On opening the jar I found a thick, white gooey substance. I was a little disappointed as I generally prefer lighter, more translucent lotions served up in tubes, certainly nothing to remind me of mother's cold cream. At first, the scent did remind me of that cosmetic drawer. But after applying it, I found it had a more pleasant, natural odor. It was something like dried grains, grasses crossed with an earthy vegetable oil.

The feel is a bit oily and sticky especially in the high humidity of the bathroom or summer weather. However, it dries within a few minutes and leaves nice, moist surface that is not sticky or oily. Sometimes, I did pat it with a dry towel to bring back a matte finish. This protective membrane lasts for hours.

Using M LAB for several weeks did seem to improve my skin's texture and evened out the tone. I was actually amazed at how it reduced the size of my pores, making my skin appear smoother. Even the delicate skin under the eyes got smoother. I think this is one ideal all-round moisturizer and it qualifies as a skin renewer.

However, it does come with a high price tag. At $260 a jar, it might last for two months - so that's over $130 a month. I guess if you use M LAB and it replaces several products then it might actually save money. Probably all that would be needed in addition to this would be an occasional overnight under eye serum and a concentrated antioxidant serum. Still I think it is quite expensive as there might be others that work just as well in the $35 a month range. I guess I will have to try some of the highly recommended ones mentioned here, but if it was my choice I would keep using M LAB and not risk it!

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