Reviewed by Julie Kay

When my box arrived - Neova Night Therapy ($75/1.7 oz.) - what an exciting prospect. Daily refreshed, radiant skin via the power of copper peptides. I gladly took on the mantle to explore what was, for me, a whole new schedule of nighttime facial treatment.

I held the box, read each panel minutely before opening. The jar is the typical (think: cold cream) heavy glass with a black lid. By now I know the cons of potions in jars. How less than beneficial to the product this form of container is. Marta, what are your thoughts on packaging these days? One day I hope to find the perfect night therapy (day, all skincare) in a pump canister, but I digress.

Upon opening, I found the cream a light purple/blue and ultra luxurious in texture. The subtle scent is hard to describe - faintly metallic, which makes sense, but not disturbing at all. It absorbs well and deeply, and works well as a deep moisturizer. Of the ingredients, the list is rather long and is headed with the banner: Healing The Wounds Of Time. On the plus side, besides the GHK copper peptides, it has nice things like camellia oleifera, vitis vinifera (grape), squalane and prunus armeniaca (apricot). The minus, I read once that urea shouldn’t be blended with parabens. They are here, but I am clueless enough to be ignorant of the results.

I used this product diligently for three weeks. What I wanted it to do, it did not do. This would be elastin promotion to help eliminate an appearance of sag along my jaw/chin area. Thicken the derma layer under my thinning skin – build collagen. The No. 2 bullet on the box - Copper is a powerful collagen and elastin promoter. After three weeks of use my chin showed no positive results, but nothing extraordinarily negative either. My neck was the deal breaker- the skin looked thinner, drier, and vertically lined in a way it never had. This just wouldn’t do! I nearly panicked. Then I took a breath and realized something.

Neova did something stunning and totally unexpected - and very, very nice. You know those bumps we get in our face as we age that are pimples but get pushed deeper than just under the surface. I call them "seeds". When I was younger, I could (I’ll spare details) remove them, but now that my skin is in its fragile 50s, I find I must leave these bumps alone. Which is blindingly frustrating. In the course of using Neova Night Therapy, these bumps began to diminish subtly. After I closely examined this phenomenon, I realized some (most) are gone completely! I used a little bit on a small cyst I’ve had for two decades (more) on the back of my neck for about a week and I swear it’s diminishing, as well.

So, I dunno about radiance - I don’t glow. But my face is smooth. And that’s really a nice thing! Products don’t have to DO what WE want, they just need to do something positive (would be nice if they said they do what they really do, eh). It’s us who need to learn what results we need to get from products. Or something.