Posted by Kathy

Here’s where I am after a week’s worth of using the STOP anti-aging device.

Okay, you were right when you said there was a learning curve to using this little device. I unpacked the box, set out the two potions— the gel you apply first, and the cream you apply after. I situated myself in front of a mirror, applied a thin, even coat of the slimy gel as instructed, plugged it in, and like you, forgot to take off the protective cover over the four little prongs that actually do the work. Oy!  Okay, eventually, I figured out that it wasn’t doing anything and took off the cover.

Now, I have to tell you that after reading all the instructions and precautions, I was nervous about using this device on my face. And that’s because I have two different kinds of fillers in there. I have some Radiesse in my cheekbones and jawline, and some Sculptra for volumizing. And the precautions say to ask a doctor first before using it over fillers. I didn’t think my dermatologist would appreciate a call at 9pm at night, about a device he surely hasn’t heard about. So I went to Plan B.

I do have two areas that need some work. First, the neck. It just doesn’t look as good as my face. The texture of the skin there is crepey. And my stomach. Right around my belly button, I have some loose skin. And some stretch marks from two pregnancies. Not enough for a tummy tuck  (I asked a plastic surgeon and he said no, he couldn’t do it — not enough skin), but enough so that a plastic surgeon said to try lasers on my stomach.

That said, I smeared some of the slimy gooey stuff on my stomach and some on my neck and got to work. I started on my stomach, on the Low setting. It took a long time for the light to go “orange” signaling that the device is heating up the skin to the right temperature, so I nudged the setting to Medium. Then we were cooking! My stomach turned pink due to the heat generated by the device. I kept up the small circular pattern they recommend, for 15 minutes. Then I did the same on my neck. Now, my neck got pink almost immediately. I guess it’s because the skin there is so thin. So I did my neck for 12 minutes.

When I was done with both areas, I wiped off the gel and applied the soothing cream. And I have to tell you in all honesty, I thought both areas looked a lot better. The wrinkly skin around my belly button was tighter and smoother.  Not anywhere near perfect. But it was BETTER. And so was my neck. I kept thinking, “No way. No way could this happen after only one treatment.”  So I waited a day in-between treatments, as they recommend, and did a total of three treatments last week. Both my stomach and my neck are looking a lot better. I am going to keep this up for the recommended 6-8 weeks. I’ll report back in a couple of weeks. 'Til then, I’ll say that I am pretty amazed at the results.  I really am impressed by this device.