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Reader review: Sustainable Youth's Serum and Elasticity Cream

Is a Solution for:
Sagging Skin
April 30, 2009 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 2 Comments
Reviewed by Emily S

I was another of the lucky recipients of Truth In Aging’s test supply of the Sustainable Youth products, which have been recently reviewed both by Marta and by another reader, Nancy.  I have been using both the revitalizing serum and the elasticity cream for just over five weeks now, and I’ll add my comments to theirs.

A couple of caveats on scientific method, or lack thereof. First, unlike Marta, I do not, in the interests of science, subdivide my face into multiple lab spaces in order to achieve a “side by side” comparison.  In addition, I happened to have started the Sustainable Youth trial at a point when my skin was giving me more trouble than usual—suddenly very dry, flaky, and basically ancient—which I attributed to the (very eventual, as it turned out) change in seasons here in New York.  Lastly, in true violation of the scientific agenda, I happened also to have started trying a couple of other new products at about the same time; ordinarily I am boringly faithful in my routine, as in all things.  (And one of those products, an eye cream—at least I think it was the eye cream—appeared to cause a bit of an allergy, so I then stopped using everything for a few days.)  So overall, it’s hard to contrast my experience with the “normal” state of my face, which appears to have forgotten what normal is.

But overall, I am pleased.  The products have a nice texture, feel good going on, and have a faint but pleasant smell.  I do think that my face is less dry, somewhat firmer, and noticeably smoother than it was a month ago, and that my complexion looks a bit more even and “healthy.”  I’d agree that wrinkles are unchanged—but then I wasn’t expecting miracles.  On the negative side:  In recent weeks I’ve had a number of uncharacteristic, small breakouts, and I wonder whether that was coincidence or whether I’ve reacted to some ingredient.  And I have the feeling that I could use a more moisturizing, richer cream for occasional nightly use.

So I concur:  I’ll certainly finish these bottles, and would likely continue to use the serum and cream, at least in conjunction with other products and old favorites, including vitamin C serum and that Japanese hyaluronic cream!

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  • April 30, 2009

    by Susan

    Overall, I think I'll continue to look for the ultimate skincare line.
    I appreciate readers's feedback but am wondering if part of standard reporting could always include age of the person reporting? This would be helpful, as skincare concerns and requirements change with each decade.


    P.S. I've been using Skin Actives - products formulated by the company and adding a few special ingredients from the company - and I would like to share that I am very pleased with the results. I've even garnered a few positive comments from others who say my skin is looking very good. By the way, I'm 53-years-old. :-) The only concern I think I need to address is the ingredients are quite active, so I think I'll need to alternate occasionally (maybe morning routine) with a good basic, sunscreen/moisturizing cream. I'll save the potent, active ingredients for my nighttime regimen.

  • April 30, 2009

    by marta

    We also received this email from, Trinh, another reviewer:

    Both the cream and the serum came with ALOT of black speck. I called and asked if this was normal. First the lady told me that it is not, there should not be any. She have never seen it. Then I was put on hold. She returned and told me that she asked a senior staff and he said that it is Alasta? It is there because my batch was not mixed well. She said that this is a good sign because I received high content of the active ingredient. minute it's this, the next it's that. I am not quite sure I am convince. Did anyone else get this?

    I am afraid these specks are going to clog my pores...or worse. Actually I can't use the cream. The first time, right upon application, my eyes began to sting really bad, last for a while. And no, I applied it no where near my eyes. I have a separate eye cream. Tried it again, still even without the questionable black specks...the cream is a no no for me.

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