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I was another of the lucky recipients of Truth In Aging’s test supply of the Sustainable Youth products, which have been recently reviewed both by Marta and by another reader, Nancy.  I have been using both the revitalizing serum and the elasticity cream for just over five weeks now, and I’ll add my comments to theirs.

A couple of caveats on scientific method, or lack thereof. First, unlike Marta, I do not, in the interests of science, subdivide my face into multiple lab spaces in order to achieve a “side by side” comparison.  In addition, I happened to have started the Sustainable Youth trial at a point when my skin was giving me more trouble than usual—suddenly very dry, flaky, and basically ancient—which I attributed to the (very eventual, as it turned out) change in seasons here in New York.  Lastly, in true violation of the scientific agenda, I happened also to have started trying a couple of other new products at about the same time; ordinarily I am boringly faithful in my routine, as in all things.  (And one of those products, an eye cream—at least I think it was the eye cream—appeared to cause a bit of an allergy, so I then stopped using everything for a few days.)  So overall, it’s hard to contrast my experience with the “normal” state of my face, which appears to have forgotten what normal is.

But overall, I am pleased.  The products have a nice texture, feel good going on, and have a faint but pleasant smell.  I do think that my face is less dry, somewhat firmer, and noticeably smoother than it was a month ago, and that my complexion looks a bit more even and “healthy.”  I’d agree that wrinkles are unchanged—but then I wasn’t expecting miracles.  On the negative side:  In recent weeks I’ve had a number of uncharacteristic, small breakouts, and I wonder whether that was coincidence or whether I’ve reacted to some ingredient.  And I have the feeling that I could use a more moisturizing, richer cream for occasional nightly use.

So I concur:  I’ll certainly finish these bottles, and would likely continue to use the serum and cream, at least in conjunction with other products and old favorites, including vitamin C serum and that Japanese hyaluronic cream!

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