Posted by Aubrey

I will start this by saying that I am not a foundation type of girl. I normally just wear moisturizing sunscreen with a dab of concealer below the eyes.  If I am feeling fancy I switch up to a tinted moisturizer. I thought maybe Tarte ReCreate would make a convert out of me. Its multi-tasking abilities are quite attractive: there’s mineral pigments to brighten, peat & wheat to hydrate, and mysterious Wrinkle Rewind™ technology to add firmness and elasticity. Perhaps this would be the perfect thing for an extra-special occasion, like my upcoming wedding.

I only tried it once before I realized this was not going to be the case.

The good

It has a light whipped consistency that helps it go on smoothly without tugging. Some reviewers on Sephora had trouble with the airless pump, but I followed the instructions to turn it upside down and tap before dispensing, and it worked fine for me. It was neither greasy nor drying: perfect for combination skin, which I am “blessed” with. It didn’t irritate my skin, which has a tendency to develop itchy red spots for no apparent reason, at all. It somehow did manage to hydrate while being oil-free: lovely!

The bad

The best way to describe how it felt on my skin is “plasticy.” This isn’t necessarily bad, but it was strange. I prefer lotions that sink in, and this just sat on top. My guess is this is caused by the number of silicones in the ingredients (7 different kinds!). A little bit of these add a silky texture, but I think they might have overdone it.

The ugly

It was way too thick for me. When I looked in the mirror, I saw the foundation, instead of my face. Worst of all is that it sunk into the very same fine lines it purports to erase, accentuating them and making me look older. I got the lightest shade available: Porcelain 00, but it was slightly too dark for my incredibly fair skin. (However, I have been able to find tinted moisturizers and powder that match my skin tone exactly, so I know it is possible).


I love the mineral sunscreen, because I have been trying to move away from chemical ones after reading this website. However, I would wish for a higher SPF from something so thick. The back of the bottle does say “medium to full coverage” so I should not have been surprised that this is what it delivered. If that is what you are looking for, I bet you will find it to be a wonderful foundation, especially if you have sensitive combination skin. I will envy you the chance to find out if the Wrinkle Rewind™ technology works any magic.