Your Best Face Correct .5 oz

This product has been reformulated. Please visit the shop for the most up to date review.

by Briana

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Truth In Aging (acting on a generous package by Your Best Face) gave away a handful of travel-sized versions of Your Best Face Correct ($150 in the shop). Our first reader-reviewer responds:

I have tried every eye care product in the universe. OK, maybe I've missed a few, but I have TRULY never had one stop me in my tracks when I did a double take in front of the mirror. The reason I have been searching so hard? The same reason we all do: We don't want to look older. We still believe in the fountain of youth. Mine came in a small bottle called "Correct" made by a company named YBF Skincare. It is most definitely my new BFF!

I am an optimistic, yet harsh, critic of skin care products and even a harsher when sampling an eye care product. I am 39, and the crow's feet are starting. How can this be when I still get my I.D. checked if I want to buy a lotto ticket? I have tried smoothers, primers, and anti-wrinklers that seem to make my crow's feet just show up even more. I put on the Correct and when I checked in the mirror a few minutes later, the wrinkles were visible, but barely so. This seemed too good to be true, but time and time again, when I apply it, the puffiness and wrinkles decrease tremendously. I even felt brave enough to try the makeup test, and finally the crow's feet weren't the first thing to notice!

The problem in finding such a treasure is that it sells for a hefty price. To me, it's worth it. The real downside is the actual bottle, not the product. These new pumps rise up from the bottom and keep pushing the product to the top of the bottle where it is sucked up through a theory.

Mine didn't work like that. I had to finally remove the lid, stand it upside down and it still it was stuck in there. I used a cotton swab after pulling off the cotton, because I didn't want to waste a precious drop of this liquid platinum. I have now probably used everything in the house to cram it into my little bottle and get "just one more" application out. The larger bottles work much better. As for the small ones, well..I'm not sure if I should thank or slap the inventor! But in the end, it's still worth all the trouble.

It has an interesting list of ingredients, including the matrixyl 3000 and spin trap ingredients to snag the free radicals, vitamin C used in a manner that doesn't cause more irritation. (I have learned that if not used correctly, vitamin C can cause redness and irritation.) I can get Correct in my eyes and it doesn't even provoke the slightest sensation of discomfort, quite the opposite actually. It has cucumber, which reminds me of the old trick of placing a few slices of cucumber over the eyelids to reduce puffiness. In bottle form, the cucumber still works it's magic! I think Correct has the right number of good ingredients without overdoing it.

It feels very nice, clean and smooth going on, leaves skin soft and radiant, and wears very well under makeup, even for a mid-day quick fix.  Best of all, it makes me feel so confident I don't need to wear makeup, I actually prefer to enjoy the pleasure of this alone.  I suggest putting it on after washing with a cool water rinse- then it has a few minutes to work its wonders before makeup application.  Remember that the eye area skin is very delicate.  Always use a feather light touch and don't use your index fingers, they are stronger and harsher when applying anything to the dermis.