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Reader review: Yes To Carrots Hair and Scalp Moisturizing Mask and Exfoliating Soothing Mask

Is a Solution for:
Dry or Brittle Hair
August 4, 2008 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 2 Comments
Reviewed by Lori

After reading Marta's review of Yes To Carrots Body Moisturizing Lotion, I decided it would be worth giving it a try. However, living in a small town, our Walgreens doesn't carry the moisturizer. It does carry other products in the line, so I purchased the Hair & Scalp Mud Mask ($12.99 for 8.45oz) and the Exfoliating and Soothing Mask for Dry to Sensitive Skin ($14.99 for 1.7oz).

As a side note, I passed on the Yes To Carrots Pampering Carrot Juice Shampoo - even at the amazing price of $7.99 for 16.9 oz - because it contains sodium laureth sulfate. I also passed on the Yes To Carrots Eye Contour Cream because it contains fragrance and I'm not interested in putting that around my eyes. Very disappointing because, otherwise, this range seems to have a pedigree of great ingredients.

Back to the Hair & Scalp Mud Mask.... It is important to know that my hair type is generally on the dryer side and is straight, fine, very thick and I color treat it about twice a year. I used this product twice and each time left it on for about 25 minutes. After rinsing with warm water and towel drying, it seemed as though the mask had absorbed the moisture from my hair. The first time I used it, I thought it was my imagination. But, sure enough, I paid close attention to how my hair felt before applying it the second time and not only was it drying, my hair was frizzy. For me, not good! Maybe the silt (Dead Sea Mud) is to blame. Anyway, it won't be seeing my hair again.

Yes to Carrots Exfoliating and Soothing Mask gets a better review. Having combination skin, I chose to apply this only to my chin and nose during a breakout period. WOW. The first time I used it, my skin was less ruddy and the texture was smoother.

Immediately, I took it to my teenage son, who has acne-prone skin. He tried it and after one use, we saw an amazing change in skin color and texture. We have used this now for about six weeks (two to three times each week) and feel that our breakout periods are much shorter, our pores are less noticable and our skin texture is smoother. In my opinion, they should omit the fragrance (I have a sensitive nose), otherwise this is one to try.

Yes To Carrots are paraben-free, reasonably priced and packed full of do-gooders. Though it still seems to be important not to overlook the ingredient list, even with a company that seems to be aware of the growing trend and demand from consumers for products that do no evil.

Ingredients in Hair and Scalp Moisturizing Mud Mask

Spring Water and (Dead) Sea Water , Silt (Dead Sea Mud) , Olive Oil , Almond Oil , Jojoba Oil , Macadamia Oil , Cetrimonium Chloride , Glycerin , Lactic Acid , Cetearyl Alcohol , Niacin , Dimethicone , Algae Extracts (Dunaliella and Spirulina)

Ingredients in Exfoliating and Soothing Mask for Dry to Sensitive Skin

Silt (Dead Sea Mud) and (Dead) Sea Water , Spring Water and Carrot Juice , Pumpkin Oil , Carrot Seed Oil , Kaolin , Zinc Oxide , Glycerin , Olive Oil , Jojoba Oil , Chamomile Oil , Avocado Oil , Almond Oil , Magnesium Chloride , Fragrance , Rosemary Extract , Niacin , Ginkgo Biloba Extract , Aloe Vera Gel , Propolis Extract , Vitamin E , Imidazolidinyl Urea
  • April 14, 2009

    by rosie

    I love the Yes to Carrots products -- in particular, the face mask and the conditioner. As for the hair mask, I think part of the problem may be that this user left it on for 25 minutes. The instructions on the container say to leave it on only for 12-15 minutes. Following these instructions, it worked fine for me (though I've only used it once so far)!

  • March 9, 2009

    by Christina

    I have to say that I LOVE every Yes To Carrots product. Some of my favorites are the body butter, day and night cream, lip butter, and list can go on and on! Great products at affordable prices for everyone.

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