Our Rating: 3 stars

Recently I was given the opportunity to review Quench Lip Treatment by Your Best Face ($15 in the shop).  I'm on a quest to replace all my paraben and other questionable ingredients-filled products with more natural products. I was thrilled because I had heard that YBF has a wonderful skin care line, filled with all natural ingredients. Since it is winter, my lips get chapped very easily, so the time couldn't be better to try a product like this.

I've been using Quench daily for about a month now and I can report that the product definitely protects my lips and makes them feel less chapped, but the results are only slightly better than I would get by using my old standby, Burt's Bees Lip Balm.  Considering the price difference ($3 for Burt's Bees and $15 for Quench) and the fact that I have to apply the product by pressing the tube into my lips so that huge clumps don't come off, I'm not sure this is a product that I would go out and buy for myself.  However the fact that YBF fills their products with such high quality ingredients may just bring me back.

Marta adds:

I've just heard from Your Best Face that Quench is being reformulated to address the 'clumps'. We'll be back with more details soon.