Posted by Julia

I jumped on the chance of trying Yves Rocher’s Precious Night Oil, as I have become a woman obsessed. When becoming a chef, you are warned of the many dangers—such as proximity to knives and fire. But no one warns you about how incredibly dry your hands can become from hours of wearing rubber gloves and constant handwashing!

Because of this affliction, I have turned to just about every moisture option possible—so as I read that the oil could be used for chapped hands, I was hopeful! When I got the Precious Night Oil I immediately dropped about 5 drops onto my hands and hoped for a miracle. Ok, no miracle occurred. It was nice and smelled lightly herbal and lavendery, but it didn’t fix the dryness.

I kept trying, and though my hands would feel better, the oil wasn’t tough enough to restore my hands from their daily damage. I know the product is for your face, but as a woman with problematic skin, I was scared to add fuel to the fire. Finally, I decided to tiptoe into facial use by adding a few drops of it in a DIY face scrub I often do—sugar and water. I scrubbed it onto a moist face and let it sit on for a few minutes, then washed it off in the shower. It felt great!

Now I’ve finally graduated to putting it on as a moisturizer straight out of the shower before going to bed. Just 3 drops really makes my skin feel great—soft and not greasy at all. While it hasn’t healed my temperamental skin, it has calmed down some of the periodic inflammation, and it just plain feels good. Thanks, Truth In Aging, for the opportunity to try this product!

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