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Reader review: Zelens is a Radical Defence Serum - but not much more

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Sagging Skin
July 8, 2008 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
Recently I was given the opportunity to try Radical Defence Serum by Zelens.  I was first impressed by its gorgeous green glass bottle, and further impressed by what a wondrous product it promised to be, because it sells for a wondrous price ($210-$272 online).  Zelens Radical Defence Serum also comes with some amazing properties.  According to the scientists who created it, the serum provides environmental "aggression" protection in the form of a barrier, improving texture, firming, smoothing, repairing damage, and increasing collagen production and elasticity. The Radical Defence Serum also boasts an impressive pedigree of top notch active ingredients, starting with hexapeptide-8 and other antioxidants including EGGG (green tea extract), echinacea, vitamin C, vitamin A, glucosamine, amino acids and proteins.

The active ingredients carrying anti-inflammatory properties often double as antioxidants, with my personal favorite being squaline.  Squaline is excellent for defense, healing, oxygen production and hydration.  I often use 100% pure cold-pressed squaline derived from olive (not shark) directly on my face.  It is quickly absorbed so there is no "greasy" feel left on your skin.  Another element of the squaline is UV radiation protection and damage repair.

Zelens contains mentha, a plant derivative that has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.  This is a very thoughtful ingredient, ensuring a longer shelf life and preventing skin irritations.  Many of the ingredients occur naturally in the body, but as we age, the production level declines.  The purpose of an increasingly popular ingredient called ceramide maintains the structural integrity of a moisture barrier.

The first thing I noticed was a light, pleasant aroma.  It felt very nice on clean skin.  I felt my skin tighten when I applied it, as if I was literally putting a liquid barrier on my face.  For the first 10 days, I applied the Zelens to only the right side of my face, so I would be able to see the progress. I faithfully used it twice a day as suggested. I was eagerly looking forward to my fine lines diminishing, my skin becoming firmer and generally having a much improved skin quality.  I have now used the entire bottle and am still waiting for these things to happen.

My fine lines did not diminish, my skin does not seem firmer or more elastic.  I really wanted this to work.  I expected great things. I do like the essential barrier that is created when Zelens is applied.  It seems to calm the skin, put a protective layer down, and defend the skin from further damage.

The Zelens bottle says "Radical Defence Serum". I thought about that.  THAT is in essence what this product seems to be.  Defence (yes, it's from England)  does seem to be what this product has going for it. Most skincare products protect from ROS (Radical Oxidative damage), Zelens' scientists say it protects from three types of environmental damage, the latter two being Reactive Nitrogen Species (RNS) and Reactive Carbonyl Species (RCS). I have a couple of lighter spots on one cheek that look much worse if I dare to even spend one hour in the sun without protection. While using the Zelens, I spent time outside with nothing else on my face and it DID protect my face. This impressed me.

The Zelens Radical Defence Serum goes on very smoothly; it is excellent under makeup, seemingly creating a very nice canvas.  I think that this product may be on the cutting edge of a non-traditional skincare classification that I can foresee becoming vital to protect our skin from the damage of the elements.  It seems the trend has created a new category without actually naming it.  Other than moisturizer with sunscreen, a good case in point is the "primer," which has evolved dramatically.  I see a new opening where a "defense serum" could be applied regardless of whether a primer or foundation would follow. With so many concerns about global warming and the damage being wreaked on the ozone layer, I like this idea.

I think I went some days without wearing makeup because my skin felt protected. Zelens gave my face protection, for makeup days and non-makeup days. It felt like a shield going on, though the feeling wears off after while, as does the aroma.  After applying the serum to my face, I had to actually wash my hands to remove the residue.  I did not feel or see any overall changes in my skin at all.  I have sensitive and acne-prone skin.  Zelens is non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores) and is so gentle it does not sting the eyes even if applied quite close to them.  This certainly is a nice feature. I really hate it when I don't pay attention and get a product too close to my eyes and they sting and burn.  I have a fairly new scar, still int eh healing process, on my upper chest where I also applied the Zelens.  Upon application, the scar became redder, but it now looks like it has diminished a bit. I believe the redness was due to increased dermal activity and circulation.

The name says it very well: "Radical Defence Serum". This it did well enough, but that is all it did.  It smoothed my face for makeup application, but its these benefits are temporary. Beyond that, I didn't notice any changes or improvements in my skin or even on the finest lines.  I think the product has its place in someone's skin care regimen if you want to prevent any further damage and you can afford it.  It is rather expensive for a 50 ML bottle.  As far as reversing or repairing existing damage, I am still searching for the eternal fountain of youth.

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