Posted by Chris

I was excited to try the Terralina Body Lotion ($28) and the Terralina Toner. I've been trying to use as many natural skincare products as possible, and since Terralina products don't contain any harmful chemicals and are full of effective natural ingredients, I thought they'd fit right in with my skincare regimen.

The body lotion is actually a very thick, rich cream that absorbs easily (no waiting to put clothes on) and has a very pleasant, light scent. A little bit goes a long way! I've been using this every day after I shower, and also used it as a massage lotion once or twice on my very dry-skinned partner (who was very pleased at how refreshed his skin felt afterward), and I still have almost half a bottle left.

The real test was to see if it would deter the scaly patches that creep up on my legs as soon as the weather starts turning cold here in Minnesota. It's still pretty warm for the first part of November, but even so, my legs not only are free of the scalies, they just look BETTER. Nicely moisturized, and the skin almost seems plumper. I will definitely be adding this lotion to my routine.

Now on to the toner. I must admit that I am not a big toner fan - I guess I've just never seen a real benefit to using one. This toner made me realize that even after washing my face, there was still some makeup residual that my cleanser was not removing completely. That fact, combined with the soothing feel, the plant extracts, and the fact that it did not dry my skin but actually seemed to add some moisture to it, has made me a convert.

I highly recommend both of these Terralina products. I personally will be checking out their entire line. They seem to be an excellent choice for anyone who'd rather use products with natural ingredients than those that contain a slew of chemicals.

Ingredients in Terralina Body Lotion

Purified water, olive fruit oil, cetearyl olivate, squalane, sorbitan olivate, glycerin, barley extract, shea butter, ceramide 2, soybean seed extract, camellia sinensis (tea) extract, sandalwood, phellodendrom amurense bark extract, olive leaf extract, jojoba seed oil, sodium PCA, sodium hyaluranate, bisabolol, hydrogenated olive oil, olive oil unsaponifiables, cetyl palmate, sorbitan palmate, xanthan gum, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, potassium sorbate, oat kernal extract.

Ingredients in Terraline Gentle Facial Toner

Water, glycerin, olive leaf extract, oat kernal extract, epilobium angustifolium flower/leaf/stem extract, aloe, algae, sugar cane, witch hazel, betula alba (birch) bark extract, tea, matricaria flower extract, phenoxyethanol, potassium sorbate, fragrance.