Our Rating: 4 stars

Posted by Stan

I am probably a little late to the party celebrating Your Best Face, but I am giving it yet another good review. When YBF offered free test samples to TIA readers I jumped at the chance. I received full sized samples of Control ($160 in the TIA shop) and Correct ($150 in the TIA shop). The sample of Restore was small enough to last only a few days, so I have no opinion to share. The other samples have given me six weeks of daily use. I use the Correct eye serum morning and night. I use the Control only at night. In the mornings and night I use a general moisturizer as well.

I will say that the consistency of Control drags a little on the skin, so I have taken to patting water on my skin or fingertips to spread a thin film over my face. This makes it last longer and evidently I am getting enough product on there to do some good. I do have a little issue with the names of the products which took me forever to remember. Correct is for eyes and Control is for face. I would prefer just YBF Eye Serum and YBF Face Serum. The packaging could also be improved by hiring some talented graphic designers. The teal foil label looks like a cheap silicon lubricant from the 80s. If you want to charge $160 for a cream, then nice euro minimalist packaging is cooler and would appeal more to men. Right now, it definitely looks like a woman’s product. I hide mine in a secret corner of the medicine cabinet.

After a week of use, I found the Control gave my skin an even, brighter tone. It felt and appeared smoother. Over the weeks it has gradually improved more. The Correct eye cream has definitely tightened the skin under my eyes and made it smoother as well. Since I have fair skin, there can be a tinge of dark blue showing through the translucent skin. I might not be exaggerating when I say that I have turned back the clock five or more years. Forgetting about time, I just feel better in my skin.

I never believed these products could actually work and probably would never have spent the money. Now, in these recessionary times, I will be in a quandary whether to skip a few meals to purchase YBF or take my chances with some cheaper product. Maybe that magic ingredient is in a cheaper product. Maybe it is the Spin Trap or more likely the combination of several key ingredients. If price was not an issue, I would keep using it. I guess my remaining sample will get me through a few holiday parties. Next year, however, I will have to face the music.