Posted by Stephanie

Ok, I admit it; I’ve been a product junkie since I was a teen. Bordering on 40, I read the TIA blog daily in search of products that will help me push back the signs of aging without causing some kind of calamity to my highly reactive skin. I’ve been happily using Yves Rocher Recovery Moisturizer 1st lines night cream, and while I haven’t seen major anti-aging gains, I find the product worth purchasing due to its ability to moisturize my face without causing breakouts or skin sensitivity issues. I believe that this cream is meant for someone younger than myself, but I have had bad experiences with the more aggressive anti-aging products, resulting in a bad reaction either in terms of irritation or some kind of breakout due to being too rich.

When I started using the product 6 weeks ago I applied it to the right side of my face continuing with my normal skin regimen on the left side. I continued the right side only application for 4 weeks and during that time there wasn’t a significant change outside of my face being softer on the right side. Every morning I would carefully examine the right side, looking for a lessening of fine lines and any fading of the small area of age spots under my right eye. The directions specify noticeable differences as of the 1st, 8th and 21st nights, and apart from my softer skin, I didn’t see anything remarkable on those dates.

A few other points of note: I love the cream’s smell, which for lack of a better description reminds me of Herbal Essences shampoo which I used as a kid. For those who are scent wary, the fragrance of the cream doesn’t last outside of the  container. Upon application, the cream melts into my skin, leaving it soft, not sticky nor greasy.

I am now using the cream on my entire face as a moisturizer, and I am very pleased with the softness it imparts without breakouts. Recently, as in during the past few days, I have noticed that my complexion is a bit brighter, and the sun spots seem to have faded a bit. I’ll report back if there are any other changes.

I recommend this cream for those with difficult to please skin who are in search of a decent overnight moisturizer. I also think this would be a great cream for the person who is just noticing fine lines and sun spots.