Posted by Sandra

How hard can it be to drink water and take vitamins/supplements (not to mention eat right)?  Apparently Nestle is banking on that being so hard that we’ll opt for Glowelle, a pricey option ($40 for 7-day stick pack) marketed as a “beauty drink” for skin.  Seven days of this drink (raspberry-jasmine flavor) has shown not one bit of difference in my skin.  I don’t know if there might be any difference after 30 days, but that experiment is not likely to happen.

Each stick has 50 calories, and the first ingredient is evaporated cane juice (sugar).  I cannot find a way to make this palatable.  Imagine chewing your vitamin supplement to bits and then adding some sugar to it, and you’ve pretty much got the idea of the taste. It does have antioxidants (vitamin A 6000 IU, vitamin C 250 mg, and vitamin E 50 IU), which you can get in any decent supplement in tablet/capsule form for a lot less money.  The “proprietary beauty blend” contains cocoa extract, apple extract, grape seed extract, maritime pine bark extract, goji berry extract, and white tea extract (total of 750 mg). All of these extracts, individually listed in unknown quantities, seem to have dubious value as nutritional supplements.

If you are looking for the ACE vitamins, there are several supplements which fit the bill.  This is just one, which can be purchased through Amazon for $11.92 or several other places: Carlson ACES plus selenium (90 soft gels), which packs 2 soft gels with vitamin A 10,000 IU, vitamin C 1000 mg, vitamin E 400 IU, selenium, 100 mcg, and calcium 100 mg.

For those who are diabetic or counting carbs, each serving has 13 g carbohydrate. Also of interest for diabetics is this study regarding the role of antioxidants in physical exercise, which concludes: “These results indicate that antioxidants severely impair the insulin-sensitizing effects of physical exercise as quantified by several measures, including GIR during hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamps and plasma adiponectin and fasting plasma insulin concentrations, and that this effect occurs irrespective of previous training status.”

I personally opt for a healthy diet with clean water.