Many in the TIA community nominated products that coincided with Marta's own best beauty picks for 2009. In particular, a lot of love goes to the Clarisonic Brush, Nutra-Lift and just about everything from Your Best Face, but especially the Correct eye cream and the new Define.We are grateful too to be reminded of some old faithfuls and some of those that were agonizingly close to qualifying for Marta's best of 2009. And then it is exciting to be introduced to some new finds that we will simply have to try out in 2010.

Kim first put us on to 100% Pure in her review of the Tinted Moisturizer. Since then, other hands in favor have been raised from the TIA community. When we first looked at 100% Pure's products we couldn't believe our eyes. Surely, this chemical free, fruit pigment concoction wasn't for real. Either we weren't being given the full ingredients list or this stuff wouldn't work. 100% is not too good to be true; it is what it says, is especially helpful for sensitive skins and it works. And the prices are very reasonable. Marta says she's going to be trying out the cleansers and antioxidant serums as soon as she can.

Skinceuticals CE Ferulic is one of those products that people just keep coming back to. It falls into both the sun damage “prevention”. This powerhouse vitamin C-based (plus ferulic acid and 1% alpha tocopherol) product packs a punch and the smell strongly resembles sardine oil, but bottom line: it does what it promises to do! The product is not going to deliver results overnight, but it certainly delivers when used long term (60+ days minimum). Although the small bottle is over $130, the consensus is that it is worth it.

 We are thankful for Stan for putting forward GloTherapeutics. This was certainly one of the brands that almost made it into my best for 2009 and the GloPeptide + Defense is a Five Best with Matrixyl 3000 and definitely a stalwart of my bathroom cabinet. It has three of our Five Best anti-aging ingredients – L-carnosine, spin trap and Matrixyl 3000 – and a whole host of other things to boot.

Aerwin, amongst others, nominated the affordable Derma Radiant Ageless eyes and Anti Wrinkle complex despite the fact it contains parabens. We loved hearing that her skin has improved so much she can ditch foundation and only wear tinted moisturizer now. The company has excellent customer service (so no doubt they will take heed regarding the parabens).

Yes To Carrots is another value for money favorite. Michelle likes the body lotion. The Body Butter also has its fans (including Marta). Obviously majoring on carrots, Yes is a veritable veggie fest. The Body Butter has antioxidant sweet potato, avocado and for Harry Potter fans everywhere, pumpkin juice.

Copley was the one who originally found Skin2Skin and many of you have taken up this brand. As Copley said: "finding a skin care line that combines a relatively clean slate of organic ingredients with an effective set of clinically-proven anti-aging components can be a daunting challenge. I accepted this challenge head-on and emerged victorious with my discovery of Skin2Skin Care, a line of 100% natural, non-toxic products formulated for mature skin".

More reader nominations can be found here. And do keep coming with suggestions for things we should review in 2010.