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Readers' Choice Awards 2014: Exfoliants, Masks & Peels, Cleansers, Toners

TIA Readers' Choice Awards 2014
August 25, 2014 Reviewed by Truth In Aging Community 0 Comments

More than 100 readers cast their vote for their favorite anti-aging skin and hair care products in Truth In Aging's 2014 Readers' Choice Awards. Today, we reveal the winners for exfoliants, masks & peels, cleansers and toners. Check back tomorrow as we share the final results!


☆ 1st Place:

Your Best Face Prep Microdermabrasion ($80 in the shop)
Previously chosen as a top product pick by the TIA community, this creamy microdermabrasion treatment is a long-time favorite. It infuses skin with botanicals that brighten and soothe, vitamins and antioxidants that heal and protect, and peptides that smooth existing wrinkles and help prevent new ones.

☆ 2nd Place:

suki exfoliate foaming cleanser
With key ingredients that include natural sugar, non-GMO rice flour and citric acid (lemongrass), this deep-cleansing alpha hydroxy acid complexion rejuvenator unclogs pores and resurfaces and smoothes skin.

☆ 3rd Place:

Stemulation Micro Derm Scrub ($34 in the shop)
One of the Five Best Exfoliating Facial Scrubs of 2012, this daily exfoliant for face and body renews skin's texture, removes impurities and gives skin a fresh, healthy glow. It brightens and energizes skin by removing dull, dead cells.

Masks & Peels

☆ 1st Place:

Royal Nectar Face Mask with Bee Venom ($68)
A multiple recipient of Marta's Five Best picks, this hydrating and lifting face mask contains anti-inflammatory bee venom as the key active, and will give skin a healthy glow.

☆ 2nd Place:

La Vie Celeste Exfoliating Gel Mask ($60 in the shop)
Gentle enough for most sensitive skin types while still being effective, this mask has 5% concentration of pure glycolic acid in a base of organic aloe vera and white tea. Its brightening and smoothing effects are given a helping hand by exfoliating bamboo grains, licorice and bearberry extract.

☆ 3rd Place:

Your Best Face Clarity ($9-$40)
This detoxifying facial mask with Japanese matcha green tea, French green clay and vitamins B5 and C deeply cleanses clogged pores and brightens dull skin. This mask also contains YBF's signature antioxidants: spin trap, Lipochroman-6 and vitamin E succinate.


☆ 1st Place:

suki exfoliate foaming cleanser 
Suki wins again! This old TIA favorite is a sugar-based scrub, so it will dissolve fairly quickly before behaving like a regular cleanser. It isn't at all drying thanks to ingredients like seaweed (algae) extracts, essential oils, and healing calendula and chamomile.

☆ 2nd Place:
It's a three-way tie!

BRAD Biophotonic Sea Minerals Purify Healing Detoxifying Gel Cleanser ($45)
This restorative facial cleanser treats discoloration, irritation, scarring and redness. It contains BRAD's signature Biophotonic Organic Herbal Bio-Infusion, along with moisturizing oils, a multi amino acid blend and Sea Minerals Bio-Ferment Blend, a key BRAD ingredient.

Red Flower Sea Cleanser & Masque ($42)
This light and creamy all-natural facial wash does double duty as antioxidant face mask as well. Heavy-hitting anti-aging ingredients such as algae, juniper berry and mushrooms help to heal and repair damaged skin while adding radiance.

La Vie Celeste Mother of Pearl Cleanser ($40)
This all-natural, non-foaming cleanser is free of soap, detergent, oils, fragrance and toxic chemicals. It uses mother of pearl and pink and white clays to gently cleanse and exfoliate, and it leaves skin soft, silky and hydrated.

☆ 3rd Place:

Skinfinite Purify Cleanser ($30)
This cleanser contains exfoliating hydroxy acids to clean skin and refine pores, yet it's surprisingly gentle. With yogurt extract, antioxidant raspberry and botanicals, it hydrates and refreshes while eliminating skin impurities. It's free of free of irritating parabens or sulfates.


☆ 1st Place:
It's a tie!

Snowberry Gentle Remineralising Toner ($53)
Gentle and lightly foaming, this combination cleanser and toner contains extracts of kumquat, kiwi, neem fruit, honeysuckle and sunflower, in addition to white coral extract and mother of pearl extract powder to tighten, rejuvenate and soften skin.

Sevani Rose Hyaluronic Age Defying Tonique ($39 in the shop)
This hydrating, antioxidant spray mist contains tremella hyaluronic acid for moisture retention and vitamin D, pomegranate and MSM — all in a base of aloe vera. It reduces redness, puffy eyes, dryness, free radical damage and the appearance of broken capillaries.

☆ 2nd Place:
It's a tie!

Sevani Advanced Complexion Corrector ($39 in the shop)
One of 2013's Five Best for Broken Veins and Redness, this light spray is formulated to calm redness, rosacea and other skin irritations. It improves skin's texture over time with natural exfoliants and nourishing ingredients, such as niacinimide, licorice root, panthenol and green and white teas.

Arcona Cranberry Toner ($32)
Formulated with witch hazel, rice milk and phytonutrients, this multi-tasking milk toner is gentle while also protecting, nourishing and giving skin an antioxidant boost.

☆ 3rd Place:

La Vie Celeste Toner ($35)
Free of alcohol, oil, fragrance and toxic chemicals, this toner soothes, brightens and firms skin with a blend of organic botanicals and antioxidants in an aloe base.

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