TIA Readers' Choice Awards

New York City is in election mode, but while results are still months away, we already have the winners of the TIA Readers' Choice Awards. The TIA community, which is vital in maintaining the integrity of the site voted on its favorite products in more than 10 categories. We tallied up the votes and are ready to present you with the winning products. Check back daily as we'll be announcing the winners over the next couple of days.

Hair Growth

1st Place: Hair Vitality Complex ($49 in the shop) is an all-natural hair serum uses Copper Peptides and Vitamin B5 as the active ingredients to simulate healthy hair growth and reduce shedding. It has been tested by 125 people and 70% saw hair growth and reduced shedding.

2nd Place: Brow Vitality Complex ($36 in the shop) is here to rescue your brows. Tara said her eyebrows look darker and thicker three weeks after she started using it.

3rd Place: Skin Biology Folligen Cream ($22) restores hair growth with strong, healthy hair and it even works for eyelash and eyebrow growth. Jeni said this products has been working wonders for her.