TIA Readers' Choice Awards

New York City is in election mode, but while results are still months away, we already have the winners of the TIA Readers' Choice Awards. The TIA community, which is vital in maintaining the integrity of the site voted on its favorite products in more than 10 categories. We tallied up the votes and are ready to present you with the winning products. Check back daily as we'll be announcing the winners over the next couple of days.


1st place: Snowberry SPF15 ($36) is a mineral sunscreen with some unique plant extracts that give an SP15. Natural and organic skincare lovers will find it perfect for daily use.

2nd place: Suntegrity Face Protection SPF 30 ($45 in the shop) is a 3 in 1 facial moisturizer, sunscreen, and make up primer formulated with youth promoting antioxidants and astaxanthin. Mary says it smells wonderful and leaves my skin smooth and healthy.

3rd place: Prana Reflect Antioxidant Skin Cream SPF 45 ($39 in the shop) is a lightweight day moisturizer with SPF 45 enhanced with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that protects against the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Ann says the product provides excellent sun protection and it has a fresh, soft scent.