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Record breakers: Truth In Aging's Olympics Winners

August 24, 2008 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments
As the Beijing Olympics come to end, we conclude The Truth In Aging Anti-aging Olympics with our selection of outstanding performers. For anyone out there who believes (and given the amount of mediocrity the beauty industry inflicts on us, they are largely justified) that anti-aging creams simply don't work, these are the products that can and will change your mind.

Our Record Breakers have been chosen because they use a breakthrough ingredient or process that reduces the signs of aging and improves the appearance of the complexion overall. I've tried most of these products and can honestly say that I've seen results. Last Thursday, I was having dinner with a friend (granted in Mercer Kitchen, a restaurant with lighting that requires a miner's lamp to read the menu) and she gazed at me and said "your complexion is great, what treatment have you had?" I replied (smugly): "Just a little something called LED..."

Gold: LED light therapy. This treatment is a gentle alternative to IPL or laser that stimulates the body's tissues to convert the light to cellular energy. As another friend I recommended it to said after two treatments: "If I wasn't seeing the results with my own eyes, I would never believe that something could be this effective."

Silver: Your Best Face with spin trap. YBF is the little engine that could - a tiny, independent potion maker that really researches for the best ingredients. The result is a range of eye and face creams that use a cutting edge ingredient: a clever little molecule called spin trap that seeks out free radicals. I am a convert and reader reviews of samples have been a great endorsement.

Bronze: Bellaplex with matrixyl 3000. A reader pick that demonstrates the potency of an antioxidant peptide that is proven to work.

This was a tough selection and frankly any of the following could prove to be medalists. Very honorable mentions go to:

Osmotics Anti-Radical Age Defense with carnitine for cell growth and aldenine for collagen production. A reviewer found it had great results on those pesky thread veins.

Skin Biology CP Night Eyes with copper peptides. The thing about copper peptides it that they work, whether it is to repair scars and stretch marks, help with age spots, or encourage hair growth.

A&G and ReLuma for human fibroblast conditioned media. HFCM is controversial for some. Seems to work as a wrinkle zapper though.

Body Shop Moringa Body Scrub. A nice comeback for The Body Shop and moringa is an extraordinary botanical that is anti-pollutant and anti-oxidant.

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