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Redken Time Reset Shampoo and Conditioner - Reviewed and Rejected

Is a Solution for:
Oily Hair, Thinning Hair & Shedding, Dry or Brittle Hair
June 26, 2010 Reviewed by admin 9 Comments
Redken’s recently launched “Time Reset” line claims to reduce 5 signs of aging for your hair. These include a change in texture, diminished density, increased dryness, surface dullness, and breakage. Additionally, they cite 5 targeted ingredients that work towards this, like peptides and ceramides to help strengthen the hair fiber; green tea for antioxidant support; cationic UV filters to protects against harmful UV rays; camellia oil to soften and add shine; and their patented “intra-cylane” which they say fills in porous gaps in your hair cuticle, while also plumping fine strands. This technology, they say is a result of 10-year long research on a unique silicone molecule which penetrates the cuticle, and thereby strengthens it.

I’ve been using the Time Reset Shampoo ($13) and conditioner ($14) combo for a couple weeks now, optimistic about its claims. My big problem, as I mentioned in my previous shampoo post, is the havoc humidity wreaks on my hair. Frizz is not my friend, but it seems to want to always have a slumber party. Frizz is caused by many factors – moisture-quenching strands, porous hair due to heat damage, or it's simply written in your DNA. I figured if this shampoo was meant to address gaps in hair fibers, it could only help with my frizz problem.

The first few times, I felt like it didn’t do much for me. Frizz was still there, and my hair strangely felt a little limp. Maybe I over-conditioned. I continued using it, and while I can say after a couple weeks the results improved a little (my hair was a tad shinier), my hair still didn’t look like there was noteworthy improvement.

Plus, unlike Nuture My Body’s (which I’m still obsessed with), the Time Reset shampoo does contain sulfates, chemicals and some irritating ingredients like hexylene glycol and sodium benzoate.

I am going to try out their Porosity Filler treatment and deep conditioners that are also part of the Time Reset line to see if it makes any difference at all. As far as using the shampoo and conditioner alone though, I’m going to have to say you can pass on them.

Ingredients for Time Reset Shampoo
Water, sodium laureth sulfate, glycerin, cocobetaine, laureth-5 carboxylic acid, cocamide mea, isopropyl myristate, sodium chloride, hexylene glycol, ceteareth-60 myristyl glycol, parfum, sodium benzoate, polyquarternum-10, salicylic acid, camellia kissi/camellia kissi seed oil, benzyl benzoate, benzyl salicylate, hydrolyzed soy protein, hexyl cinnamal, camellia sinensis extract/camellia sinensis leaf extract, geranoil, hydroxycitrolnellal, linalool, PPG-5-CETETH-20, citronellol, 2-oleamido-1, 3-octadecanediol, oleth-10, alpha-isomethyl ionone, disodium cocoamphodipropionate, lecithin, sodium hydroxide, citric acid.

Ingredients for Time Reset Conditioner
Water, cetearyl alcohol, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, ceteareth-33, octyldodecanol, hydroxypropyl guar, stearalkonium chloride, amodimethicone, parfum, camellia kissi/camellia kissi seed oil, hydrolyzed soy protein, chlorhexidine dihydrochloride, benzyl benzoate, trideceth-6, benzyl salicylate, PPG-5-CETETH-20, hexyl cinnamal, camellia sinensis extract/camellia sinensis leaf extract, 2-oleamido-1, 3-octadecanediol, oleth-10, disodium cocoamphodipropionate, lecithin, centrimonium chloride
  • January 28, 2013

    by Elizabeth

    I wish I had paid more attention to the online reviews prior to purchasing this conditioner. It is a very diaappointing product that doesn't even detangle hair - I find myself having to comb out knots in my dead straight hair after using the product. Afterwards, my hair feels rough, dry and frizzy. A cheap suoermarket brand would have done a better job!

  • October 16, 2011

    by tiffany

    i had an allergic reaction to this shampoo and conditioner i broke out in hives all over my stomach and chest, has this happened to anyone else?? my skin has NEVER been sensitive to anything until now.

  • July 18, 2011

    by aileen

    I have used all of Redken's products and find them very good for my hair, however since purchasing the Redken Time Reset shampoo & conditioner, I found my hair has become very tangled, frizzy, dryer and thinner and would not recommend or purchase the Time Reset product again.

  • February 1, 2011

    by Mimi

    I am 64 years old and like most people my age, my hair is beginning to thin so I tried the Redkin Time Reset Shampoo, Conditioner and Revitalizer.
    I used it for 2 weeks and my hair began feeling rough and porous. I complained to my hairdresser about the condition of my hair and she recommended I try the Time Reset Porosity Filler.
    I continued to use all 4 products for about another 2 weeks....until I noticed the breakage.
    It's been at least 2 months since I quit using Time Reset but I'm still getting breakage and I've had to cut my hair shorter because of it.
    This really is a product I would say "Use at your own risk"!
    I will never buy any Redkin products again.....ever!

  • January 11, 2011

    by lisa


    i'm 32 and my dna gave me lots of grays early. Started at around 22 and now I'm probably 70 percent. Needless to say, my hair is suffering. I dye it all the time and its not the best with the changing hair. I recently tried the shampoo/conditioner and REVITALIZER
    from this time reset line. I realized that when using my normal organic shampoo and then leaving the Time Reset Revitalizer in for about 15 minutes, my hair looks and feels amazing!!! When using all three from this line the results are not as volumizing, though still soft.

  • December 15, 2010

    by Shyema

    Hi Jaysie,

    Thanks for reminding me!! I haven't tried it yet, but I will now and let you know.

    Anyone else try it?


  • December 14, 2010

    by Jaysie

    Shyema - Did you ever get around to trying the Time Reset Porosity Filler? Just wondering if you deep-sixed the entire line because of your poor results with the shamp/condish.

  • July 8, 2010

    by Billye

    I'm in the 50+ crowd and my hair isn't as thick as it used to be. I have used Redken products for years so I decided to give Redken Time Reset shampoo a test drive. I used it for 10 days and my hair felt thinner and limper. As a matter of fact, a few hours later my hair was flat, not a look I was hoping to achieve. Redken Time Reset is a huge flop in my opinion

  • June 30, 2010

    by Shyema

    A little update -- is it just me or is my hair feeling thinner? I was only using this shampoo/conditioner to see if anything improved and it hasn't. I just went back to my Paul Labrecque conditioner and another shampoo and my hair already looks better.

    Think I'm ditching this one for good now.

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