rejuvel 3d

Our Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by Marta on November 16, 2015


Challenging the effects of gravity with technology developed for microgravity is a delightful idea. Rejuvel 3D ($149 in the shop) comes with space-age technology and, while I want to put a rocket up my anti-aging regimen as much as the next woman, I am grounded in reality. And so I put this intriguing new serum to the test for eight weeks. My verdict? It works.

I will confess that Rejuvel 3D does not work on wrinkles at the speed of light. I noted Emily’s conclusion when she posted her 30-day review: a nice serum with some benefits, but perhaps more suited to a younger skin with less aging challenges. About a month in to my own test, I felt the same and wondered whether Rejuvel 3D’s unique technology was a great idea in theory, but delivered less than promised on application. I decided to keep going with my test for another month. It paid off.

Rejuvel 3D has made inroads on my wrinkles. I have been especially grateful to see that the horizontal increases on my forehead and my crow’s feet have softened notably. Overall, my skin’s texture is soft and hydrated. I used Rejuvel 3D on its own (after Dr. Dennis Gross’s Alpha Beta Peel pads), without following — or feeling the need to — with a moisturizer.

At the center of Rejuvel 3D is a special NASA-developed technology for cultivating cells in outer space. I explained how it works in an earlier article, so I’ll just briefly reprise it here. Typically, cells that are cultivated in a lab are clustered in two dimensions with limited communication, or even miscommunication, between them. The NASA-developed technique allows 3D cells to be cultivated and the process reduces stress on the cells and allows them to be stronger. The result is happier, more potent cells to make extracts from.

This 3D cell technology has been applied to stem cells from green tea. Specifically, they are callus cells (the cells that are triggered when a plant is wounded) and subjected to culture within the rotating cylinder. Being more akin to actual cells, they should communicate better with our cells and go about getting useful things done, like making fibroblast.

And that’s it. A deceptively simple but powerful formula. For good measure, Rejuvel 3D also contains the collagen-boosting peptide combination known as Matrixyl 3000, sodium hyaluronate (a hydrating ingredient) and anti-inflammatory aloe. There are no silicones or fillers. The preservative is the irritant and possible neurotoxin, phenoxyethanol, and there is the pH adjuster, sodium hydroxide, also considered an irritant. I have relatively sensitive skin and had no adverse effects from using this serum.

A final word on the packaging. It’s elegant, with a fitting 3D effect for the logo and, mercifully, it pumps the serum out with precision every time.

Rejuvel 3D seems suitable for all ages, from those seeking prevention to those — providing that they have the patience — with visible signs of aging. This 50-something earthling will be keeping it in her regimen.