ReLuma Cleanser

Our Rating: 5 stars

I was initially a little surprised to see that Invitrx had extended its ReLuma line to include a cleanser. Sometimes beauty companies get obsessed with creating a range with one of everything when they’d be better off sticking to their knitting. What if the makers one of the best anti-wrinkle serums I have come across had blown it by getting into the cleanser business with a mediocre offering.

I was even more surprised to see that ReLuma Cleanser ($36) hits the road running with the line’s signature ingredient, human conditioned media. There’s more on this complex ingredient in my review of ReLuma’s serum, an excellent anti-ager, but for now know that this is essentially a collection of proteins that signal cells during wound healing and studies show that they can increase collagen and fibronectin.

I do like the idea of cleansers doing more than merely lifting grime and so I have been rubbing ReLuma’s Cleanser into my skin and leaving it there before rinsing for a few minutes whilst I clean my teeth and tidy my bathroom. Hopefully, I’m getting some of the benefits of the conditioned media that way.

This cleanser does foam a little on contact with water and the soapy stuff is provided by quillaja saponin, a Chilean tree that provides a natural surfactant. It is given a hand by coca betaine, another gentle cleansing agent. There’s also a spot of calendula (marigold), an anti-inflammatory. The only controversial ingredient is, inevitably, a preservative: methylisothiazolinone, or MIT as it is sometimes known. This can be an irritant and possibly a neurotoxin. Note that a very little of this cleanser goes a very long way - a small pea-sized squirt is all that is required.

I have found that ReLuma’s Cleanser is gentle and not at all drying. Plus it fulfills its basic function of cleaning the skin (it removes light foundation and concealer, but you’ll need a make up remover for the rest of your war paint). Men will like the simple, scent-free formula too. ReLuma’s serum is one of the best weapons this wrinkle warrier has in her arsenal and I like the thought that it is getting some help from back up troops when I cleanse.


Human adipose derived stem cell conditioned media, decyl glucoside, cocamidepropyl betaine, sodium PCA, quillaja saponin, calendula extract, methylisothazolinone, caprylyl glycol, distilled water