Sarah Bernhard claims (on her blog) that Ren is her official skincare range. Ren, on the other hand, doesn't seem to want to make too much of her celebrity endorsement (I couldn't find any mention of her on the Ren site). Still, I can see why Sarah likes this British, unisex brand: it really is one of the most chemical-free ranges I have found so far.

Here are the things that they refuse to add to their products:

Glycols and diglycols (such as propylene glycol), PEG's, PPGs, urea,
D.E.A, T.E.A, PABA and other synthetic sunscreens, aliphatic
alcohols/hydrocarbons, phthalates, fumarates, amines, alkanolamines,
synthetic AHAs/BHAs, polyacrylamide, metacrylate, elastomer, poloxamer,
styrene, vinyl, polyquaternium, synthetic chelating agents, nylon,
nitriles, nitrates, nitrosamine releasers, bromates, fluor, aluminum
and alumina.

Looks like a list of some the things that Sarah may have experimented with in wilder days.

Ren's products, by and large, contain what they claim to. Take the Damask Rose Body Cream. The base ingredient is damask rose flower water. Then there are various palm and coconut oils and that's about it. The preservative is phenoxythanol (this can be an irritant, but apparently only in significant concentrations).