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Restørsea Repairing Hand Treatment Review

is a Solution for:
Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Sensitive Skin
restorsea repairing hand treatment
May 12, 2014 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments
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A luxurious hand treatment that moisturizes and improves skin texture


Hydrates and smoothes skin


Contains the potentially irritating sodium hydroxide

The founder of Restørsea, Patti Pao, told me that Restørsea Repairing Hand Treatment ($85) is much more than a hand cream and will improve dryness, eczema and other imperfections. Since I am prone to a little eczema between my fingers, I was very intrigued to put it to the test. My verdict: Restørsea Repairing Hand Treatment lives up to its name by repairing and treating.

Restørsea Repairing Hand Treatment is also extremely pleasant to use. Although made by a new, independent beauty company, Restørsea has a luxury brand feel (and not because it is fronted by Gwyneth Paltrow). The cream is medium weight, rich but not too heavy and it rubs into the skin with minimal effort. There’s none of that slippery silicone feel that you get with your average department store brand — Restørsea Repairing Hand Treatment dries almost instantly leaving the skin feeling matte but comfortable.

I should give a quick reprise on Restørsea’s schtick. The key (and exclusive) ingredient is an enzyme from fish eggs that exfoliates the skin. But the really cool thing is that the enzyme only removes dead skin — when it encounters the live cells, it turns itself off, making it so much better than glycolic. The complex also has alaria esculenta and algin, both derived from seaweed.

Overall, the formula is fairly straightforward with olive-derived emollients and cocoa seed butter. I am not sure what the role of lactobacillus ferment is. Some natural cosmetic formulas use it as a preservative (but there are several others used here, so this may not be the case). More interestingly some strains of lactobacillus ferment are probiotic and antioxidant. There’s nothing to really dislike except for unidentified fragrance and sodium hydroxide, considered a strong irritant.

After a month, my hands look hydrated and the texture is smoother. The eczema flare up I had at the start of my test was over in a matter of days. I haven’t seen much fading of freckles, but this would likely take a lot longer to see. Given the exfoliating nature of the key ingredient, I would be disappointed to not see some lightening of the skin after using the entire tube — which, by the way, looks as if it will last at least two or three more months.

Restørsea Repairing Hand Treatment has been a good introduction to the Restørsea line, and I look forward to embarking on the face serum next.

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