I'm bending the rules slightly and using Alaffia Antioxidant Body Cream ($18.95 for 4oz) as a hand cream. I love it. I became well and truly addicted in less than a day. It feels good, smells good, might be doing me some good and, what's more, Alaffia is trying to do some good for the world.

Alaffia's products are big on shea butter, but the antioxidant range is also big on, well, antioxidants. The main ingredients (not way down the list, but right at the top) are Ethiopian coffee, green tea and rooibus tea. The rooibus tea is also known as red tea and both are a misnomer since it is in actual fact a pea. No matter it is high in antioxidants.

All of these ingredients are certified Fair Trade and Alaffia puts 10% of its sales into community enhancement projects in West Africa. And it knows which ones! For example, it recently donated to a Bicycles for Education project to encourage girls in Togo to stay on at school.

Alaffia's body cream also has virgin coconut, aloe and red palm oils. The smell is a zingy combination of rosemary, lavender, cinnamon and clove. The preservative is a nice mild one, potassium sorbate.

I bought my pot at Whole Foods. Oddly enough, I couldn't find the Antioxidant Body Cream on the Alaffia web site although the rest of the range is there. I must say I'm tempted to try more. Perhaps something in the hair care range...