When I started to ask my husband to review products and he'd look at me as though I'd asked him to be a canary in a mineshaft. For the first time, I suspected we had trust issues. Does he really think I'd poison him? I think it all started when I gave him Jan Marini's eyelash growth product (the original one with the glaucoma drug). "So will this make me go blind as well," he said when I offered him Anthony Logistics After Shave Balm ($19.50 for 2.5oz).

Getting him to give a verdict is like getting blood out of a stone. Finally, this morning, he gave Logistics the Pascal Seal of Approval. He likes the feel when using it, his skin is softer and clearer (I can vouch for that) and he likes the smell (rosemary and eucalyptus). Hallelujah.

There's more silicons (for that superficial feel good factor), parabens and chemicals than I would like, but there are a lot of good things too: apricot kernel oil; squalane; allantoin; aloe; vits C, E and A, and calendula (marigold and good for controlling inflammation and acne).

P insisted that I point out that it doesn't help with razor burn and he is still a big fan of Zirh Clean as his cleanser of choice (a powerful pore closer).