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Reviewed and Recommended: Clarisonic Brush

Clarisonic brush
January 11, 2008 Reviewed by Marta 3 Comments

I first heard about the Clarisonic brush when reading Elle magazine at the hairdresser. The reviewer sounded down-to-earth and prone to skepticism (a woman after my own heart), but she seemed rather taken with something called a Clarisonic brush.

It has since appeared on Oprah as one of her favorite things of 2007 and, as you would expect, this has created the kind of shortage that puts dollar signs in the eyes of e-Bay entrepreneurs. Even when they aren't hard to come by, the Clarisonic brush is a pricey $185.

Last weekend, Tiffany (an esthetician at Canyon Ranch in Tuscon) used a Clarisonic brush on the back of my shoulders and on my face prior to applying a mask and serums. She swears by it for exfoliating, opening the pores and readying the skin to absorb creams.

The Clarisonic brush is a rotating head that is powered by ultra-sonic waves - it is manufactured by the same maker as SonicCare toothbrushes. The rotating head removes dead skin cells; pores are stimulated, dirt is whisked away. Now, moisturizer, serum or cream will penetrate the skin much more effectively.

I was smitten. Serums and creams really do get absorbed more readily and skin looks rosy, clean and healthy. It is great — with persistent use — for ridding oneself of those bumps on the backs of the arms (keratosis pilaris).

It is supposed to be used daily, but I can't bring myself to use it more than every other day (partly because it is yet another thing to introduce to the ever-expanding daily regimen; but also because I am prone to rosacea and don't want to cause a flare -up).

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  • July 22, 2008

    by marc edward

    <p>clarisonic brushes are an excellent way to deeply cleanse your face- my clients have noticed smaller pores and super clean skin from using it- i was the first facialist in LA to use it in my facial room on all of my clients. and i was voted best facialist in LA. marc edward skincare visit our website at and call us for a clarisonic brush or a facial appt at (213) 705-8899 open 7 days week/free parking</p>

  • February 17, 2008

    by Marta

    <p>Valerie, thank you. You prompted me to go and check and I reckon we are both kinda right. Clarisonic actually describes it as oscillation (I quote: oscillating back and forth at a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second). The animated graphic shows the brush head doing a partial rotation while pulsing. </p>

  • February 17, 2008

    by valerie

    <p>Just wanted to point out an important thing about the Clarisonic; the head does NOT rotate. It vibrates at a high speed. There is a big difference. The bristles do not spin around at all. This is important to know, so the Clarisonic is not mistaken for just another spinning face brush.</p>

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