At last a nail polish that doesn't rip my nails to shreds. I've been trying out Dazzle Dry base coat and nail lacquer in rose quartz. Four days later, nails and polish are intact. Every nail polish I have every tried causes my nails to flake and break. I've tried formaldehyde free with no success. Dazzle Dry is not only free of formaldehyde but of nitrocellulose, toluene and phthalate.

It promises to dry within five minutes and it does. Plus it is tough wearing - and, believe me, I use my nails as if they were a tool kit.

I have also come across (thanks to Elle magazine's current green issue, which is full of natural beauty ideas) Priti Polish Remover. With soy and corn esters and orange oil, it stretches the imagination to believe this would actually work. I am assured it does. It seems worth a try since I'd like to get this stuff off with something that isn't rocket fuel. Priti also does a good range of polish.