Dr. Alkaitis has an interesting pedigree for a potion maker. He is a chemist, a molecular biologist, an ethnopharmacologist (traditional healing) and pharmacognosist (medicinal properties of plants). Plants are his thing and the Dr. Alkaitis range contains nothing else.

And I mean nothing else. Take the Organic Cellular Repair Masque. There is raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, oat buds, grapes, strawberry, bilberry. That's it. There are three things I really like about this approach: the organic simplicity of the ingredients (obviously), the fact that the good doctor doesn't use those fancy Latin plant names, his mantra: if you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin.

Anyway, the shampoo is a really good find. Its the purest, nicest one I have found yet. It isn't merely sans sulfate or parabens. Its sans anything that doesn't grow out of the ground. And my hair seems to like it. The base ingredient is aloe vera gel and the active cleanser is derived from coconut. I was interested to see that one of the plant extracts is coltsfoot. This is an ingredient often used to promote hair growth and it is one of the main ingredients in Dermalash, an eyelash growth product based on natural ingredients that actually works. The vitamin complexes - E, A, C and F - are all natural, not synthetic.