Years of smoking, pursing and pouting have made their mark on my upper lip. I started to notice fine lines a couple of years ago and - unlike the rest of my wrinkles, which I am pleased to say are largely on the retreat - they seemed to be settling in for good. Nothing I tried seemed to make any difference. Until...small drum roll.....I hit on a combination of Faitox-25 and Your Best Face Correct.

I was tipped off about Faitox-25 ($89) by Susan, who posted a comment on Five Best Products That Contain Matrixyl 3000. I was immediately impressed by an approach that is becoming increasingly appealing to me: a streamlined roster of ingredients, used at full strength, with no superfluous crap. Faitox-25, made by Synovia Labs, fits the bill perfectly.

The four key ingredients are 50% hyaluronic acid, 25% Argireline, 15% Matrixyl 3000, 10% SNAP-8. Hyaluronic acid is supposed to help moisture retention and, as such, probably helps plump out the lines. This is mostly superficial, but at least it gives me some hope while I wait for the matrixyl to kick in.

Matrixyl 3000 is a potent antioxidant made by combining two peptides, palmitoyl oligopeptide and palmitoyl tetrapepide-7. It outperforms Vitamin C (and unlike some of the Cs, it doesn't irritate) by stimulating the matrix molecules - collagens 1,3, 4 and fibronectin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. According to clinical trials, matrixyl 3000 led to a 33% decrease in wrinkle density, a 23% decrease in the volume of wrinkles and a 20% decrease in the depth of wrinkles (buyer beware that this research was conducted by the manufacturer).

Argireline is an ingredient I am warming to. It is a peptide, specifically acetyl hexapeptide, that mimics both a collagen shot and a Botox injection simultaneously. Hexapeptides don't actually work like Botox. They don't destroy the protein, like Botox does, but keep it from connecting to the cell and turning on
the muscle contraction. Now, I used to dismiss these topical applications as not having a very powerful effect and give the impression of working mostly by clinging to the surface of the skin.

I have since come across and used some good quality potions with Argireline is a good concentration and am changing my mind. Faitox-25 certainly seems to be doing a good job of preventing me from sneering too much. It is doubtless being helped by a 10% shot of SNAP-8.  I have been told the SNAP-8 is a superior version of Argireline that is approximately 30% more active. It is also more expensive (perhaps that is why it is a 10% concentration against the 25% of the cheaper Argireline).

I use Faitox-25 after first smearing on a layer of YBF Correct. This is my favorite eye cream and it also has Matrixyl 3000 and SNAP-8. It also has something else called spin trap. This is a molecule that stops free radicals spinning out of control and damaging the skin. The concentrations in Correct are: 10.5% Snap-8, 5.7% Pepha Timp, 5.6% Matrixyl 3000, 3.8% Syn-ake, 3.3% Haloxyl.

Ingredients in Faitox-25

Water, sodium hyaluronate, acetyl hexapeptide-8, palmitoyl oligopeptide, acetyl octapeptide-3, ascorbyl palmitate, tocotrienol, phenonip.