I never really got off on the St Tropez Auto Bronzant craze. Survivors - I mean customers - of spray tanning booths have a slightly nuclear glow to them. I know its fabulously even and streak-free, but there is something too intense and, well, orange about the color. However, this summer, spray on self-tanners are in abundance and so I thought it was about time I tried one out.

I alighted on Fusion Beauty Perfect Glow despite the fact that is expensive at $98 and it comes with two applications: a tanner and tanning "enhancement' lotion (you can buy the tanner on its own for a more reasonable $58 but they didn't have it in stock at my local Sephora).  What attracted me to Perfect Glow is that is surprisingly free of junk. The active ingredient is DHA (dihydroxyacetate), which is in most self-tanners and is derived from sugar cane. There are also tea extracts and vitamin C.  There are a couple of mild irritants, ethoxy diglycol and phenoxythanol.

Perfect Glow claims to be based on some kind of 'revolutionary new technology". I have no idea what that can be from reading the - very standard - ingredients. Still, within four hours, my legs have a nice natural-looking hue, a few shades darker than before application. No streaks, no allergic reactions, no stains on clothes.

St Tropez is actually fairly similar in composition. It does, however, include PVP. This is a petroleum-derived solvent that can irritate if inhaled. It has a few parabens and FD&C colors. Otherwise, it looks fairly benign.