I feel slightly reluctant to recommend Ikove's Acai Chocolate Facial Exfoliate ($18.89) because I seem have bought it whilst in a parallel universe. I picked it up at Whole Foods last week, but when I went online to check out some details and retrieve a photo to include in this post, I couldn't find it anywhere - not on the Ikove sites, Whole Food (which has a hopeless online site anyway), nor anywhere else in cyberland.

I hope you can find a tube at your local Whole Foods (through which some of Ikove's products seem to be sold exclusively and this may be one of them). It is worth hunting down. Ikove's exfoliate is truly a good product: it is gentle and effective, and Ikove does its best to be a good cosmetic citizen by using mostly certified organic ingredients that are also Fair Trade Certified.

The good thing about Acai Chocolate Facial Exfoliate is that it is an antioxidant as well as a cleanser. As you would expect, it makes use of Ikove's signature ingredients, acai and chocolate. The acai berry is mostly fats, including oleic acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid. Flavenoid-rich chocolate is a good antioxidant. Sage is also a potent antioxidant, according to the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry. The inclusion of babacu seed oil is also interesting as it is made up of glycerides of the fatty acids lauric, myristic and oleic.

I am at a loss to identify which of the ingredients is doing the exfoliating. I can find neither an abrasive or an enzyme. But, however, it does it, this product does a good job of cleansing and closing pores, without irritation.

Ingredients in Ikove Exfoliate

Water, sage extract, cocoa butter, babacu seed oil, acai fruit powder, rice bran extract, horsetail powder, lavender powder, sage powder, carnauba wax, chamomile, marigold, sweet orange oil, manderin oil,cocoa liquor, xanthan gum, lavender oil, bisabolol oil.