The shampoo gods seem to smiling on me at the moment. I have found another really good shampoo. Ikove is a British company, but Americans can find their products at Whole Foods. In fact, I think that Acai Chocolate Shampoo is supplied exclusively to Whole Foods. It is a brilliant shampoo for anyone getting concerned about aging hair. There are so many good antioxidants in it that I left it on for ten minutes before rinsing whilst I did the rest of my ablutions.

Acai comes from a specific palm in Brazil and is beginning to get attention as a potent antioxidant. It is supposed to be 30 times more antioxidant than grapes. As is chocolate. An interesting ingredient is acerola berries. These are supposed to be packed with enough vitamin C to put oranges in the shade and in Japan a glass of the juice a day is thought to ward off colds. Apart from that there is wheat protein and aloe, plus an orange oil that gives it a very nice scent.The preservative is a mild one, potassium sorbate.

This will definitely be a candidate for the next update of Truth In Aging's Five Best Shampoos.