Emerging from the weight of winter woollies, my neglected body has the dry and dusty look of an unvisited attic. Hence I am becoming obsessed with body scrubs, oils and moisturizers. I have just tried Juice Beauty's Green Apple Body Peel and I feel as if I've been spring cleaned.

The base of all Juice Beauty's products is apple juice. I'm not sure that I really buy into the idea that apples are an amazing skin enhancer, but I was attracted to the notion of a body peel and overall this product has a nice balance of exfoliators and nourishers.

There are glycolic, citric and lactic acids to do the peeling job. Plus retinyl palmitate (vitamin A). Actually, you don't peel at all. You apply a thin layer to your body, wait 10 minutes and rinse off. The result is smoother feeling, brighter looking skin. The package warns that it might tingle - not an experience I had. The nourishing part comes from anti-oxidant grape juice, alga, aloe and vitamin C.

I do have a couple of quibbles with Juice Beauty. The this-is-the-best-thing-in-the-world-buy-now blurb on the packaging claims that there is DMAE and coenzyme Q10. I couldn't find either of those in the detailed list of ingredients. There are a couple of irritants that I'd prefer to avoid, sodium hydroxide and phenoxyethanol - although, I must stress, that I didn't have any adverse reaction to this product.


Organic juices of pyrus malus (apple) juice (malic), citrus medica limonum (lemon) juice (citric) & vitis vinifera (white grape) juice (tartaric), organic saccharum officinarum (glycolic acid), organic milk peptides (lactic acid), organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice, glycerin, hydroxypropyl starch phosphate, sodium hydroxide, organic algae extract, sclerotium gum, tocopheryl acetate & tocopherol (vitamin E), ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C), retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), phospholipids, magnesium aspartate, zinc gluconate, copper gluconate, phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol, potassium sorbate, xanthan gum, azulene.