I've been meaning to try out Kaeline, an argan oil-based range, for some months. I was sent a bottle of it when I got an allergic reaction (to other things I was experimenting with) and had to pare my regime back down to tried and trusteds. I gave my bottle away at a dinner party (something I am becoming more disciplined about since the reviews promised after a couple of glasses of wine are rarely delivered) and then had to buy a replacement. Kaeline Argarome Jour ($46) arrived just when I was thinking about finding a good potion for the neck and decolte. Finally, the stars were aligned.

I start off with Image Skincare's Ageless Serum with glycolic and lactic acids. This seems to stop the build up of old cells. And then I've been applying Kaeline. It is mostly argan oil. This comes from a Moroccan tree (Kaeline is a Moroccan company that makes its products in France) and the oil is packed with vitamin E (a well-proven anti-ager). There is twice as much vitamin E in argan than olive and much more linoleic acid (an omega 6 fatty acid).

Kaeline also has sunflower oil and some nice-smelling essentials. And that's it. It is a dryish oil and a little goes a long way. Nothing happened for a week and then I became delighted with the results. My skin definitely looks better.