Mychelle Fruit Enzyme Mist just passed the Truth In Aging Extreme Stress Travel Test. On Friday, I spent all day trying to fly from Chicago to a New York buffeted by rainstorms. After arriving three hours later than scheduled, my husband, our two cats and I drove through said rainstorms to the Catskill Mountains. The drive took a stressful three hours during which we had an altercation with the driver of a town car (who for reasons best known to himself decided to trap us at a non-functioning exit machine at the airport parking lot; when pleading and shouting didn't work, I gave him $20 much to the disgust of the parking security people). Then there was a nightmarish half an hour of being truly lost in New Jersey.

We arrived frazzled at around midnight. By which time my face and particularly my neck had become a mass of angry red blotches that itched. My neck was so dry it was actually scaly. I was reptilian. In fact, I would dearly have traded with a reptile, which at least has the advantage of being able to shed its skin.

Miraculously, my husband handed me, as we unpacked, a bottle of Mychelle Fruit Enzyme Mist (it had arrived in the mail whilst I had been away). The relief was almost instantaneous. Not only is this product extraordinarily soothing, but it also has some really interesting anti-aging ingredients including spin trap.  My only quibble is that the 4.4oz bottle (around $27) is going to spritzed away pretty quickly.