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Reviewed and recommended: Nectar of the Gods Deep Conditioning Treatment

Is a Solution for:
Dry or Brittle Hair
May 22, 2009 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
Is Nectar of the Gods Deep Conditioner ($21) the real deal, or an Andy Warhol "5 minutes of fame" product for 2009?

You know exactly what I am talking about..... sometimes the hoopla surrounding a new product is far more substantial than the product itself. Sort of like Paris Hilton....famous more for being famous, than for any "real" reason.  Before I tried Nectar of the Gods Deep Conditioning Treatment, I really did wonder if all the recent good press about the product was because it actually works, or because "all of the stylists for the beautiful people" are lined up to endorse it. After testing Nectars' Deep Conditioner for the last month I have come to the conclusion that it is a LOT of the former and a LITTLE bit of the latter: this deep conditioner instantly makes hair look and feel shiny, manageable and strong.

The Nectar Of The Gods Deep Conditioner is a light mist-on product which can be used on wet or dry hair, fine or thick hair, curly or straight hair, and the end result is noticeably smoother, shinier, more manageable tresses. It did nice things for me (waist length color-treated hair) and for my gal pal Tahneetra, who is Afro American. She chanced upon my 2oz bottle of Nectar recently while searching through my briefcase for a pen...   and it worked so well for her (shoulder length chemically straightened hair ) that she is lobbying me daily to share any remaining drops after my 30-day testing period is over.

Just the tiniest bit sprayed throughout wet or dry hair will bring out the shine, greatly reduce tangles and fly away's, and add a light mist of conditioning emollients. If you overdo it or are intentionally going for a deeper overnight conditioning treatment, a little goes a long way. More than that and your hair takes on that plastic "Barbie doll hair" look, so believe the directions when they say one or two light squirts of this highly concentrated product are ample.  Nectar reportedly even REPAIRS damage to roughed up hair shafts, because (according to The Nectar Gods themselves), it "sinks in instead of coating the hair shaft like stucco".  I am still undecided on that specific claim, but would delightedly recommend it as a thermal protector and a light daily conditioning spray.

In late April I began testing heat styling devices (primarily hair dryers and flat irons) and Nectar of the Gods Deep Conditioner has really protected the ends of my hair from those instruments of torture while simultaneously conditioning the rest without weighing it down.  There is no silicon to coat the hair and become gummy with heat, so the Nectar works nicely for heat styling touch-ups as well. It has a light clean scent (great for men or women) and it rinses out easily and thoroughly. If you spritz it into clean damp hair prior to blow drying it also makes the styling brush glide through more easily, which will reduce styling damage and breakage. It also will reduce the actual drying time (a benefit in and of itself) and therefore help hair stay strong and healthy over time.

It is a bit pricey per ounce, but I don't have to use it every day to maintain the shine and control. And when I do use it, even with my long hair, "a little dab'l do-ya" so I imagine that my small 2oz bottle will last at least another month. Sorry Tahneetra, I think I might just have to keep testing this product until the last drop..... but there are always birthdays!


Propylene Glycol, SD 39, Cetrimonium Chloride, Laurylmyristil, Myristil, Linalool

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