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Reviewed and recommended: Nutra-Lift Daily Moisture Hair Conditioner

May 15, 2009 Reviewed by Marta 1 Comment

I know that some of you are waiting impatiently for (nay, demanding) our Five Best picks for hair conditioners. The thing is that the Five Best lists really work when we know we are skimming the cream. There is nothing worse than feeling that our recommendations are watered down by the mediocre. And the industry has survived for way too long on hiding mediocre products behind glossy ads showing off impossible to achieve hair. Thankfully, Kate is doing a valiant job of subjecting her waist-long tresses to all manner of things (providing they are sulfate-free) and has come up with some good finds. Now, with Nutra-Lift Daily Moisture Hair Conditioner the countdown to Five Best conditioners begins.

Nutra-Lift is better known (to me at least) for its potions and lotions. I think that Rejuvenating Therapy is an excellent Matrixyl 3000-based serum that I discovered about eight months ago and am still using to this very day. Until I was noodling, not long ago, on Nutra-Lift's website, I had no idea that they did hair care products (and mineral makeup) as well. I am very glad that I stumbled across Nutra-Lift's Daily Moisture Hair Conditioner because it lives up to the same high standards as the facial serum.

In fact, when you look at the ingredients it would easy to imagine that you are looking at a potentially great anti-aging eye cream or something. In addition to the extracts of an entire meadow and wood combined, there are some useful ingredients that are rarely seen in conditioners: moisturizing hyaluronic acid, antioxidant Co Q10 and liposomes. Best of all, there isn't a drop of all that usual coconut-derived (if you're lucky) rubbish that makes things foam, clean, emulsify etc. And Ms Kate, there isn't a sulfate, paraben or silicon in sight.

On the bottle, there are the words: "thicker, fuller, healthy, silky hair". Well, I can testify to truth in advertising. Since using this conditioner, I have achieved all of the above (despite being in need of a hair cut). In fact, I keep surreptitiously running my hands over my silky strands and concluding that, whilst not in the 'angel fur' league of my cat, they feel pretty damned nice.

Water, di-panthenol. hyaluronic acid, linoleic acid, infusion of the following natural extracts: burdock, buckhorn, chaparral, comfrey, cranesbill, nettle, jojoba, rosemary, horsetail, hops, ivy, horse chestnut, slippery elm, olive leaf, milk thistle, golden seal, bilberry, butchers broom, passion flower, red clover, sage, willow bark, mulberry, jasmine, calendula, elder flower, orange blosson, fennel, yarrow, liposomes, coenzyme Q-10, grapeseed extract, pycogenal, msn, retinyl palmitate (vit A), mixed tocopherols, vitamin E, vitamin B-complex, vitamin C calcium ascorbate, mixed flavinoids, organic royal jelly, hydroxylpropyl guar, natural cetyl esters, plant derived behenyl tms, plant derived egms, almond extract, melon extract, collodial minerals.

  • May 15, 2009

    by Junko

    Thank goodness that the countdown has begun Marta! I need that shower is filling up with recommended ones. It'll take me a year to use what I've got...MGA, Burt, Clay Este, Alaffia, Juice Organics. YES to Tomatoe's I added yesterday because it was buy 1 get half off the second. My husband is going to kill me if I buy one more bottle...but I'd risk his wrath for the purchase of 'something' I didn't have from a BEST 5 LIST!!!

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