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Reviewed and recommended: Nutra-Lift Rejuvenating Therapy

Is a Solution for:
Sagging Skin
Reviewed by Marta September 19, 2008 35 Comments
I came across Nutra-Lift Rejuvenating Therapy when I was researching my post on Five Best products that contain matrixyl 3000. I was struck by the quality of the ingredients with a very reasonable price tag of $40 for 2oz. I started using it three weeks ago on the bridge of my nose and the faint lines that are starting to appear between my eyes, after having given up on the new product from Skinceuticals called Phloretin CF. I am pleased to say that the Nutra-Lift is doing a much better job of smoothing things out.

Obviously, the best thing about Rejuvenating Lift is the 5% dose of matrixyl 3000, a good antioxidant made by combining two peptides. There are other potion makers who have been more heavy handed when stirring the potion pot, such as Faitox with its hefty 15% matrixyl 3000. However, Rejuvenating Lift has also added in vitamin C, liposomes, grape seed (another antioxidant) and copper peptide (one of my favorite all round ingredients with a proven track record for treating wounds, wrinkles, hair loss and stretch marks).

In fact, this is choca with most of the anti-aging ingredients known to man. The collagen and elastin are from fish, so that should mean there's no danger of estrogen (as there is if they have been derived from human or other animal cells). Also included is astaxanthin, which is supposed to be 100-500 times more powerful as an antioxidant than vitamin E. Pycogenol is another antioxidant from the bark of the French maritime pine tree.

The two oddest-looking ingredients turned out to be fairly boring. Nikkomulese is an emulsifier and, after much frustration, we have concluded (with the much-needed help of Dr Hannah at Skin Actives) that the ppgsmdi co-polymer listed is a typo for is a typo for PPG-12/SMDI COPOLYMER, a not very inspiring ingredient, a copolymer of saturated methylene diphenyldiisocyanate and PPG-12 (propylene glycol)monomers.

There are two things I don't like about Nutra-Lift Rejuvenating Therapy. The first is that there is a vague reference to 'antioxidant complex 14 and herbal complex 30. I wrote to the company and this is Nutra-Lift's prompt, but still vague response to my question as to what is in antioxidant complex 14: "Antioxidant complex 14 is a proprietary blend of several natural anti-oxidants & bioflavinoids that includes extracts from Olive leaf, Orange Peel, rosemary, sage, and turmeric....which all are very beneficial to the skin."

Last but not least, the pump has a (very wayward) mind of its own. No matter which angle I hold the bottle, the pump sprays out globs of the serum in the most unexpected directions....the bathroom mirror, my left eye, the floor and the wall (which now has a seemingly permanent little orange stain).

Ingredients in Nutra-Lift Rejuvenating Therapy

Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Matrixyl 3000 at 5% (Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 PAL KTTKS), Vitamin C ester, sea kelp / algae, liposomes, astraxanthin, grape seed extract, cetyl esters, nikkomulese, co-Q10, pycogenol, natural mixed tocopherals (vitamin e), anti-oxidant complex 14, natural firming complex (dmae, alpha lipoic acid) fruit flower complex 12, herbal complex 30, plant derived polysorbate 20, hydroxyethyl-cellulose, hyaluronic acid, copper peptide, marine collagen, marine elastine, organic royal jelly, Mexican yam, green tea, milk thistle, retinyl palmitate, ( vitamin A) ppgsmdi co-polymer., l-tyrosine, zinc sulfate, squalene, colloidal minerals.

  • October 18, 2012

    by Laurie

    Do you still offer the NutriLift product? If not, can you pls make recommend am and pm products for 55 yo Caucasian skin. I'm interested in organic, gluten free with the Matryxil 3000 ingredient. I am looking for am and pm products. Thanks

  • September 28, 2011

    by norma

    when i statted to use this product seems to me that it is doing me great, and i also tried to see or get reviews on this products from other websites but didn't find any of it would take me back to the nutra-lift page, so know that i'm reading all this i'm kind of skeptical becouse, i just spended almost $200, i should of done more research on it before spending mony on it, and yeah how are they making this product or from where, well hope that it will be somthing that i'll be sticking to, i'm tierd of using expensive products like Dr. Pericon, which at one time i would spend so much money on it but i saw that it wasnt doint what it said, so hopefully this products stands to its standards

  • March 21, 2011

    by marta

    Sorry to hear about your experience Jay. Just to be clear: you ordered this from Nutra-Lift. Not from TIA.

  • March 20, 2011

    by Jay

    One day I was sent a notice that my shipment is on it's way. I did not order this product but my credit card info was used without authorization from a product I had ordered from an affiliate company. I requested a full refund and was told "It is quite clear you ordered this product". Since I was in the hospital at the time, this was not possible. I returned product and only given a partial refund along with a threat against me and my bank If I pursued furthered contestment of the charge.

    ***** BEWARE *****

  • December 12, 2009

    by Maria

    I tried to purchase the nutra-lift serum from this site:
    but it's out of stock.I live in Greece and the only way to find it was through this site in Uk
    I ordered the one-step cream in stead.
    Has anybody tried this?
    I'll give you an update as soon as i receive it!

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